Supplication when wearing a garment

Supplication when wearing a garment


"All praise is for Allah who has clothes me with this garment and provided it to me with no power nor might from myself"

"O Allah for You is all praise. You have clothed me with it, I ask You for the good of it and the good for which it was made and i seek refuge with You from the evil of it and the evil for which it was made.

Supplication said to someone wearing a new garment


"May you wear it out and Allah ta'ala replace it with another"

"Wear anew, live commendably and die a shaheed"

-extracted from the book: Fortification of the Muslim thru remembrance and supplication from the Qur'an and the sunnah by Sa'eed ben Ali wahf Al Qahtaani, translated by ismael ibraheem.


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