Islam and Muslims in Austria

Austria Flag

Capital: Vienna
Population: 8.7 Million (July 2017 est.)
Muslims Percent: 4.5% (approx. 400,000)

Islam in Austria

Muslims in Austria: The early recognition of Religious rights

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01/10/2017 Austria face veil ban 'criminalises Muslim women' - Al Jazeera
21/09/2017 Muslims worried as Austria's party leaders put spotlight on Islam - The Local, Austria
15/06/2017 Isis condemned by 300 Austrian Muslim imams who sign declaration against 'extremism, violence and terror' - Independent, UK
28/04/2017 Austrian President calls on all women to wear headscarves in solidarity with Muslims to fight 'rampant Islamophobia' - Independent, UK
20/07/2015 The Austrian village that's a Muslim holiday hotspot - in pictures
27/12/2014 Vienna Mosque Vandalized With Pig's Parts - OnIslam
07/12/2014 New measures worry Austria's Muslims - Al Jazeera
19/11/2014 Vienna's Muslims 'to double in 30 years' - The Local, Austria
10/10/2014 Austrian youth flocking to ISIL - Al Jazeera
03/05/2013 An Austrian Scientist Discovers Islam - OnIslam
14/01/2008 Islamophobia? Confident Austria Muslims - Islam Online
17/11/2007 Prophet's Message to Austrians - Islam Online
04/10/2007 Austria Muslims Serve World Poor - Islam Online
24/01/2007 Vienna Offers Islamic Pedagogy MA - Islam Online
01/12/2006 Vandals paint crosses at Vienna's Muslim cemetery
28/10/2006 Austria Muslims Promote Social Solidarity
26/10/2006 Muslim Monthly Debuts in Austria
12/09/2006 Nazi Bomb Upsets Austria's Muslim Peace - Islam Online
09/09/2006 Austria Muslims Send Ramadan Aid to Palestine - Islam Online
22/04/2006 "Al-Quds Jeans" Divide Austrian Muslims - Islam Online
30/12/2005 Austria to Improve its Image in the Muslim World - Zaman, Turkey
20/12/2005 More Austrian Muslims to Perform Hajj - Islam Online
19/11/2005 Austria Mosques Guarded After Mysterious Attack - Islam Online
18/11/2005 Petition forces mosque to build shorter minaret - The Guardian
26/06/2005 Islam Teaching Gaining Momentum in Austria - Islam Online
18/02/2005 Austrian Muslims Integration Socially Impeded - Islam Online
14/02/2005 Austrian Muslim Women at Heart of Defending Islam - Islam Online
04/01/2005 Austrian Muslims Score Big in 2004
11/12/2004 Activist Hails Relation Between Austria, Muslim Citizens - Islam Online
03/11/2004 Austrian Muslims 'Officially' Enjoy Ramadan - Islam Online
24/10/2004 Muslims Seek Further Role In 'Tolerant' Austria - Islam Online
23/12/2003 Muslim Students Flock to Austria Where Headscarves Are No Problem - Arab News
04/12/1999 Islamic School In Austria Bets On Integration - Islam Online


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