Islam and Muslims in Belgium

Belgium Flag

Capital: Brussels
Population: 11.5 Million (July 2017 est.)
Muslims Percent: 5% (approx. 575,000)

A glimpse of Muslims in Belgium

Imagining the Muslims in Belgium

The shaping of Islam and Islamophobia in Belgium - Sami Zemni [PDF]

Muslim Migration to Europe - Case Study: BELGIUM [PDF]

Concentration of Muslim populations and structure of Muslim associations in Brussels - Corinne Torrekens [PDF]

15/10/2017 In Belgium, arguments about Islam grow louder - Economist
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18/02/2016 In and around Brussels, the practice of Islam is outstripping Christianity - The Economist
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20/08/2014 Belgium Burka Ban: Diplomat Rips off Qatari Princess' Niqab - IB Times
21/07/2014 Belgian Groups Educate Muslim Reverts - OnIslam
12/07/2014 Belgian Woman Helps 1000 Reverts to Islam - OnIslam
03/06/2014 Belgian Muslims Urge Dialogue - OnIslam
08/05/2013 Syria Jihadists Trouble Belgium Muslims - OnIslam
06/06/2012 Belgian Rightists Offer Niqab Bounty - OnIslam
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13/03/2012 Muslim Imam Dies in Belgian Mosque Attack - OnIslam
13/03/2012 Imam dies in mosque arson attack in Belgian capital - BBC
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23/07/2011 Belgian ban on full veils comes into forc - BBC
19/07/2009 Mahinur Ozdemir: First Belgium MP to Don the Hijab - Islam Online
19/12/2008 Antwerp: Nothing but Allah and his prophet (2) - Islam in Europe Blog
18/12/2008 Antwerp: Nothing but Allah and his prophet (1) - Islam in Europe Blog
13/12/2008 Antwerp: The Jihadis of Antwerp North (2) - Islam in Europe Blog
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08/01/2008 Religion in Europe: Muslims in the EU capital – identity vs integration - ReligioScope
08/10/2006 Far right strives to disguise its roots in bid for national power - The Guardian
07/05/2006 Belgian Muslims: Integration Through Diversity - Islam Online
24/02/2006 Muslims "Key Atom" in Brussels Atomium - Islam Online
27/10/2005 Belgium's new Muslim body to focus on education and issue of mosques - Muslim News, UK
25/03/2005 Turkish Belgians Sweep Islamic Council Elections - Islam Online
03/03/2005 Muslim woman quits after threats - BBC
12/02/2005 Fear of Islamists Drives Growth of Far Right in Belgium
31/01/2005 Headscarf hate mail shocks Belgium - BBC
30/12/2004 Belgian King Backs Pro-Hijab Employer - Islam Online
17/10/2004 Muslims in Brussels Feel at Home During Ramadan - Islam Online
11/01/2004 Belgium Divided Over Hijab Ban - Islam Online
06/12/2003 Belgium Muslim Youths Encouraged To Practice Sports - Islam Online
29/10/2003 Belgians Observe Ramadan With Moroccan Flavor - Islam Online
26/07/2003 Belgium Recognizes Muslim Executive Body - Islam Online
15/07/2003 Belgium's First Arab Woman Minister Seeking Equality - Islam Online
16/05/2003 'Belgian Malcolm X' seeks office - The Christian Science Monitor
19/01/2003 Move to Ban Arabic in Belgian Elections - Islam Online
30/12/2002 Most Newborns Named Muhammad in Brussels - Islam Online


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