Islam and Muslims in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Capital: Sarajevo
Population: 4 Million
Muslims Percent: 40% (approx. 1.6 Million)

Bosnia: A Decade On From War - Part 1

Bosnia: A Decade On From War - Part 2

Bosnia: A Decade On From War - Part 3

Bosnia: A Decade On From War - Part 4

Islamic Revival in Bosnia - Islamic Voice

26/10/05 osnia war children live in hope - BBC
24/10/05 'Suicide bombers' held in Bosnia - BBC
24/10/05 Bosnian Schools Divided on Ethnic Lines
07/10/05 Serbs bow to pressure for single Bosnian police force - Guardian
21/08/05 Bosnians Open Rebuilt Historical Mosque - Islam Online
16/08/05 Bosnian Muslim Women Struggle to Survive - Islam Online
29/07/04 Keep the hate alive - Guardian
21/07/04 Bosnian success story rises from ashes of war
11/06/04 Tourists flock to Bosnia war tours - BBC
05/11/03 Bosnian Serbs finally admit truth of Srebrenica deaths
04/10/03 629 Bodies Unearthed in Bosnia
20/09/03 At Memorial in Bosnia, Clinton Helps Mourn 7,000
29/07/03 Remains of dozens found in Bosnia's largest grave
12/04/03 Srebrenica 'hero' faces torture trial - Guardian, UK
21/10/02 Bosnians jailed over mosque riots - BBC, UK
26/09/02 Milosevic Intended to Destroy Bosnian Muslim Community, Prosecutors Say
22/04/2002 America used Islamists to arm the Bosnian Muslims - Guardian, UK
10/04/02 Srebrenica tries to lure back Muslims - BBC
10/04/02 Srebrenica report: Excerpts - BBC
22/06/01 Ethnic Tensions in Bosnia - Islam Online


Srebrenica Massacre

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