Islam and Muslims in Bulgaria

Capital: Sofia
Population: 7.5 Million
Muslims Percent: 12.1% (approx 0.912 Million)

Islam in Bulgaria

The Minority’s Minority

[PDF] Muslim Minorities in Bulgaria

[PDF] The Human Rights of Muslims in Bulgaria in Law and Politics since 1878

The plight of the Bulgarian Pomaks

Traditional Bulgarian Muslim Wedding from village of Ribnovo

19/10/2017 Bulgaria deputy PM wants new laws to stifle radical Islam - Reuters
14/03/2017 Vigilantes prowl Europe's border with a target: Muslim migrants - Los Angeles Times
03/10/2016 Minority Interest: Inside Bulgaria’s Proposed Ban on 'Radical Islam' - Newsweek
07/07/2016 Muslims and Christians Celebrate Together in Bulgarian Town - BalkanInsight
24/05/2016 Why is Bulgaria making a big fuss about the niqab? - BBC
01/05/2016 An increasing number of Gypsies in Bulgaria convert to Islam and learn Turkish - HungarianAmbience
29/04/2016 Stunning Images Of A Bulgarian Muslim Bride Reviving Old Traditions - Huffington Post
27/04/2016 These Photos Transport You to a Muslim Wedding in Europe - National Geographic
28/03/2016 Bulgarian Muslim leader vows to work against radical Islam - Sofia Globe
19/11/2015 Prof. Dr Stefan Teofanov has converted to Islam after translating the Quran into the Bulgarian language - World Bulletin
26/09/2015 Don't let Muslim refugees in, says Bulgaria's Orthodox Church - Middle East Eye
10/09/2015 Why do so many refugees avoid Bulgaria? Xenophobia and Islamophobia - Deutsche Welle
18/07/2013 Bulgaria’s Interfaith Ramadan Iftars - OnIslam
17/12/2008 Struggle of Bulgarian Muslims
22/09/2008 Imams Scarcity Closes Bulgaria Mosques - Islam Online
18/09/2008 Bulgaria Ramadan…One Big Happy Family - Islam Online
22/02/2008 Religion Fights Atheism in Sofia Schools
07/02/2008 Bulgaria's Muslim Weddings
21/01/2007 Bulgarian Muslims wonder what EU entry holds
28/12/2006 EU accession may endanger Bulgaria's Religious Balance
27/12/2006 EU Entry Worries Bulgarian Muslims
27/07/2006 Bulgarian MPs Slam Mosque Attack
31/08/2006 Headscarf Dilemma Puzzles Bulgaria
24/07/2005 Muslim Party Joins Bulgaria's Minority Government
22/06/2005 Muslim Party Key Player in Bulgaria's Election
07/10/2004 Bulgarian Muslim Infighting Fuels Fundamentalist Fears
01/12/2003 Alerting Bulgaria
17/02/1999 Bulgarian Schools To Offer Classes On Islam


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