Islam and Muslims in Czech Republic

Capital: Prague
Population: 10.2 Million
Muslims Percent: 0.2% (approx. 20,000)

The Czech Muslim community: A beacon of piety in a predominantly atheist country

Quick look at Islam in Czech Republic

24/11/07 Czech Muslims' "Walking History"
30/09/07 Scientist From Czech Republic Converts To Islam
06/07/07 Czech Muslims condemn terrorist attacks in Britain
06/10/06 Plot Against Jews Reported in Prague
01/03/06 CTV documentary angers Muslims
06/02/06 Czech cardinal sympathises with angry Muslims
03/08/05 Czech Muslims under the glass
13/03/04 Czechs Revert To Islam In Search For Spirituality - Islam Online
12/03/04 Many Looking To Islam In Their Search For Spirituality
05/06/02 Czech Mosques Hushed
21/09/00 Czechs Not Thrilled To See Protestors In Prague
01/07/98 First Czech mosque set to open - BBC, UK


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