Islam and Muslims in Greece

Greece Flag

Capital: Athens
Population: 10.7 million (July 2017 est.)
Muslims Percent: 1.3% (approx 140,000)

Islam in Greece: Religious identity and practice among indigenous Muslims and Muslim immigrants - Venetia Evergeti and Panos Hatziprokopiou [PDF]

The Endurance of Islam at the South-easternmost Edge of the European Union: The Case of Western Thrace, Greece - Ali Huseyinoglu [PDF]

The Muslim Communities in Kos and Rhodes - Kira Kaurinkoski [PDF]

Reciprocity Problem between Greece and Turkey: The Case of Muslim-Turkish and Greek Minorities - Ali Dayıoğlu, İlksoy Aslım [PDF]

23/04/2018 Far-right attacks increase tension in Greece's Lesbos - Al Jazeera
19/04/2018 Refugees on Greek islands angry at freedom for new arrivals - Al Jazeera
02/03/2018 'We will cut your throats': The anatomy of Greece's lynch mobs - Al Jazeera
22/01/2018 Greek far right burn squats, vandalise Holocaust statue - Al Jazeera
19/01/2018 Greek neo-Nazi group threatens Muslim association - Al Jazeera
11/01/2018 Greece's Muslim minority hails change to limit power of sharia law - The Guardian
03/05/2017 A mosque for Athens -
25/11/2016 Muslims in Athens prepare for the city's first mosque - Al Jazeera
22/11/2016 First official mosque for Athens creates disquiet in Muslim communities - Middle East Eye
06/10/2016 Greek islanders stoic about Peace Prize nomination - Al Jazeera
11/02/2016 Muslim Refugees Turning to Christ in Greece - CBN News
10/05/2014 Greece Files First Veiled MP for EU Parliament - OnIslam
16/06/2013 Greece Pledges Jobs, Funds for Muslims - OnIslam
18/05/2013 Neo-Nazis to Slaughter Greece Muslims - OnIslam
08/04/2013 Turkish Terror Against the Greek Muslims of Thrace - Huffington Post
03/04/2013 Muslims Pray at Greek Mosque for First Time - OnIslam
31/01/2013 Mosque Offer Relieves Athens Muslims - OnIslam
11/07/2012 Greek Muslims Forced to Go Underground - OnIslam
23/01/2012 Poverty Bites Greek Muslim Village - OnIslam
22/01/2012 Greek Village's Muslim Culture Clashes With Athens - NPR
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22/10/2008 Demystifying Greek Muslims - Islam Online
18/10/2008 Many Modern Greeks believe Greek-Macedonians live in Macedonia - American Chronicle
01/09/2008 Greece: Pagans call on Athena to protect the Acropolis - The Guardian
23/06/2007 Athens Gets First Islamic Center - Islam Online
06/02/2007 Greece Pledges Jobs, Funds for Muslims - OnIslam
01/02/2007 By Zeus! After a break of 16 centuries, Greek pagans are worshipping the ancient gods again - The Guardian
26/01/2007 Greece to Appoint Imams - Islam Online
01/06/2006 Law Change Paves Way for Athens Mosque - Islam Online
22/07/2004 Athens Builds First Mosque In Two Decades - Islam Online


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