Islam in Montenegro

Almost 20% of the Montenegrin population profess Islam as their faith, many being ethnic Muslims of the Sandzak area (which was partitioned between Montenegro and Serbia in 1913). Most of the ethnic Slav Muslims live in the Sandzak area, while ethnic Albanian Muslims live in the area bordering Albania and, Kosovo and Metohija. Muslims in Montenegro, and indeed Muslims in Serbia, are predominantly Sunni, although a Dervish sect, introduced in 1974, is popular.

Montenegro is committed to the promotion of inter-ethnic relations. To enssure that the rights of all persons, without regard to their ethnic or national origin, are protected, a special provision was added to the Montenegrin Constitution especially ensuring the protection of all persons without regard to their national or ethnic origin.

Muslims and Albanians are completely integrated into the political, economic and cultural life of the republic. Indeed, in the previous setting of the parliament, seven members were of Muslim faith. Likewise, the Executive Branch had Muslims in high positions. The Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister for Civil Service were both of the Muslim faith.

There is a Council for the Safeguarding of the Rights of National Minorities, chaired by the President of Montenegro, established for the protection of national minorities and for the promotion of inter-ethnic relations.


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