Islam and Muslims in Poland

Capital: Warsaw
Population: 38.44 Million
Muslims Percent: 0.08% (approx. 31000)

Islam in Poland and Polish Muslims

Islam in Poland - Interview with Konrad Pędziwiatr

Islam in Poland and The Polish Tatars

Islamic Art in Poland: The Kornik Castle - Muslim Heritage

08/12/2017 The Changing Face of Hate in Poland: From Antisemitism to Anti-Muslim Racism - Faith Matters
07/12/2017 Warsaw Muslim centre attack renews Islamophobia fears - Al Jazeera
05/12/2017 Britain First supporter drove van into curry house with aim of 'killing a Muslim' - The Independent
14/11/2017 Poland insists far-right marchers calling for 'Islamic holocaust' just sideshow to 'great celebration of Poles' - Independent, UK
14/11/2017 How big an issue is Islamophobia in Poland? - Al Jazeera
13/11/2017 Poland defends massive far-right protest that called for a 'White Europe' - Independent, UK
13/11/2017 Poland defends massive far-right protest that called for a ‘White Europe’ - Washington Post
13/11/2017 Why are Polish people so wrong about Muslims in their country? - openDemocracy
28/06/2017 Muslim girls complain of Polish racism on Holocaust study trip - BBC
20/06/2017 Poland Shuts Border to Islamic Migrants to Keep Potential Terrorists Out - CNS News
23/06/2016 Poland's Islamophobia - Carnegie Europe
03/12/2015 A 'witch-hunt' for Poland's barely visible refugees - Al Jazeera
20/03/2012 Saudi students complain of racist slur in Poland - Arab News
19/03/2010 Poland's tiny Muslim Tatar community taps deep roots
26/02/2010 Polish Muslims hope to meet biggest mosque in Warsaw
26/10/2009 Muslims prosper in Catholic Poland
02/11/2008 Poland's Muslims Thrive in Tiny Warsaw Community
20/03/2007 Poland to ban schools from discussing homosexuality - The Guardian
04/10/2006 Poland Abruptly Cancels a Speech By Local Critic of the Jewish State
22/01/2001 After six centuries, Poland's Muslims are still misunderstood


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