Islam and Muslims in Slovakia

Slovakia Flag

Capital: Bratislava
Population: 5.4 million (July 2017 est.)
Muslims Percent: 0.01% (approx. 5000)

Unwelcome Foreigners: Muslims in Slovakia - Jozef Lenč [PDF]

Muslim Migrants in Bratislava - Michal Cenker [PDF]

Report: Islamophobia in Slovakia - Islamic Foundation in Slovakia, Bratislava [PDF]

Islamophobia in Slovakia: National Report 2016 by Monika Zaviš [PDF]

12/09/2017 A Long-Tolerant Spa Town (Piestany) Feels the Chill of Slovak Populism - New York Times
01/12/2016 Slovakia bars Islam from becoming state religion by tightening church laws - Independent, UK
30/11/2016 Slovakia adopts law to effectively block Islam from becoming official state religion - Russia Today
27/05/2016 Slovakian Prime Minister Robert Fico says 'Islam has no place in this country' – weeks before it takes over EU presidency - Independent, UK
01/04/2016 Finding Slovakia's Forgotten Mosque - Huffington Post
15/09/2015 Moslimovia v Topoľčanoch? Občas lietajú nenávistné sliny - Denik N.
19/08/2015 Slovakia refuses to accept Muslim migrants - Telegraph, UK
22/01/2014 China denounces U.S. for sending Uighur 'terrorists' to Slovakia - Reuters
28/10/2013 Muslim community believes, even without mosque - The Slovak Spectator
14/03/2006 A Slovakian Man Discovers Islam - Islam Online
14/11/2005 Slovak Muslims Fight for Image, Recognition
01/03/2004 Muslims in Slovakia work for positive integration
01/03/2004 Slovakian Muslims Seek 'Positive Integration'


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Islamic Foundation in Slovakia [Archive]

Quora: Is it a crime being a Muslim in Slovakia now? Would native Slovakians who are Muslims get deported and persecuted like the Iberian Muslims during the Spanish Inquisition?

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