Islam and Muslims in Slovenia

Slovenia Flag

Capital: Ljubljana
Population: 1.97 million (July 2017 est.)
Muslims Percent: 2.4% (approx 50 thousand)

Muslims in Slovenia: Between Tolerance and Discrimination - Veronika Bajt

Islam: A New Religion in a Traditionally Catholic Slovenia - Drago Ocvirk

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Islamophobia in Slovenia - National report 2016

11/12/2017 Group: Refugees abused by border forces in Balkans - Al Jazeera
15/01/2016 Thugs bombard mosque with pig's heads and jars of blood in sickening attack - Daily Star
14/01/2016 All religious communities condemn desecration of mosque construction site
11/11/2015 Slovenia starts erecting razor wire on Croatia border - Al Jazeera
15/09/2013 Qatar helps fund first mosque in Slovenia - Gulf Times
14/09/2013 Slovenia starts work on its first mosque - Al Jazeera
25/04/2002 SLOVENIA: Why Can't Muslims Build Mosques?


Islam in Slovenia

Slovenia News - Al Jazeera

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