Islam in Switzerland and Swiss Muslims

Swiss Flag

Capital: Bern
Population: 8.24 million (July 2017 est.)
Muslims Percent: 5.1% (approx 420,000)

The Structure of Islam in Switzerland and the Effects of the Swiss Minaret Ban [PDF]

Islamophobia in Switzerland: A New Phenomenon or a New Name for Xenophobia? [PDF]

30/10/2017 Swiss Islam scholar Tariq Ramadan hit by rape claims: report - Politico
19/10/2017 A third of Switzerland’s population mistrusts Islam, according to survey - Le News
12/02/2017 Swiss voters accept new citizenship rules - Al Jazeera
12/02/2017 Swiss referendum on citizenship after anti-Muslim row - Al Jazeera
12/01/2017 On Muslims, swimming lessons, and European secularism - AL Jazeera
20/12/2016 Police Say Zurich Mosque Shooter Not Linked To Radical Islam - NPR
30/06/2016 Switzerland denies Muslim girls citizenship after they refuse to swim with boys at school - Independent, UK
14/06/2016 Swiss Muslim Players Star in Euro 2016 - About Islam
19/04/2016 Swiss anger at Muslim boys over female handshake snub - Al Jazeera
11/11/2011 Muslims protest at mosque attack - SwissInfo
02/12/2009 Minarets and Europe's crisis
26/10/2008 Mixed Swimming Worries Swiss Muslims
08/07/2008 Swiss to Vote on Minarets Ban
20/03/2008 Swiss minister sparks veil outcry - BBC
02/06/2007 Swiss Muslims Denied Landmark Center
16/05/2007 Swiss Right Campaigns Against Minarets - Islam Online
04/06/2007 A Little Mosque in Switzerland - IslamiCity
24/03/2007 Muslims Denied Swiss Citizenship
25/11/2006 Swiss Muslims Win Minaret Case
22/05/2006 Claude Covassi: Swiss Spy in a War of Words - Los Angeles Times
18/05/2006 Swiss Religions Council Promotes Tolerance, Bridges Gaps - Islam Online
27/10/2005 Study dispels Muslim clichés - SwissInfo
17/07/2005 Swiss Muslims Move to Form Umbrella Group - Islam Online
11/05/2005 Swiss Muslims’ Bridge of Communication Hailed - Islam Online
25/04/2005 Young Swiss Muslims Practice Democracy - Islam Online
21/03/2005 Swiss Discover Islam in Fribourg Exhibition - Islam Online
20/12/2004 Putting their faith in Islam - SwissInfo
15/12/2004 Swiss Muslims Integrate Smoothly - Islam Online
28/11/2004 Most Swiss Accept Hijab in Workplace: Poll - Islam Online
19/10/2004 Geneva Restricts Visa for Imams in Ramadan - Islam Online
17/10/2004 Swiss Party Sues Journalist Over Anti-Islam Remarks - Islam Online
27/09/2004 Swiss reject laws to help migrants after far-right campaign
12/09/2004 Swiss radical right sparks anger with anti-Muslim adverts - The Scotsman
09/09/2004 Right-Wing Under Fire From Swiss Muslims - Islam Online
31/07/2004 Swiss Muslims Busy With Voluntary Work - Islam Online
22/07/2004 Muslims Welcome Zurich's Refusal To Ban Hijab - Islam Online


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