Islam and Muslims in Ukraine

Capital: Kiev (Kyyiv)
Population: 47.5 Million
Muslims Percent: approx. 4% (2 Million Muslims)

Muslims in Ukraine

Crimean Tatars

Karaims of Crimea (Ukraine)

Latest news on Ukraine at Islamic News Updates

07/07/2016 Crimea Tatars endure second tragedy under Russian rule
05/07/2016 Crimea Declares July 5th Tatar Muslim Holiday, Bandera Ukraine Follows Suit
15/05/2016 Ukraine's Jamala wins Eurovision contest with 1944
11/02/2016 Ukrainian Muslims root for Ukraine
16/12/2015 Ukrainian Muslims: A history of solidarity - Interview with Sheikh Said Ismagilov - Part 2
07/12/2015 Ukrainian Muslims: A history of solidarity - Interview with Sheikh Said Ismagilov - Part 1
13/11/2015 Ukraine calls Soviet deportation of Muslims 'genocide'
07/07/2015 Islamic Battalions, Stocked With Chechens, Aid Ukraine in War With Rebels
08/03/2015 To Defeat Russia, Ukraine Creates Muslim Military Unit Made Up Of Crimean Tatars
28/02/2015 Photos: One of Ukraine’s most nationalistic cities has become a refuge for nearly 2,000 Muslims
01/02/2015 Ukraine Muslims hold workshop on Hijab
26/11/2014 Crimea's persecuted Muslims
25/11/2014 Russia's crackdown on Crimea's Muslims
13/11/2014 Vandals attempted to set Crimean mosque on fire
16/05/2014 Vladimir Putin tells Crimea's Tatars their future lies with Russia
03/05/2014 Odessa's Muslims Fear Violence as Ukraine Falls Apart
14/04/2014 In Crimea, the Tatars fear a repeat of a brutal history
27/03/2014 Crimea's Muslim Tatars flee for Ukraine
13/03/2014 The Muslims of Ukraine
05/03/2014 Tatar Sunni Muslims pose a threat to Russia's occupation of Crimea
05/03/2014 Ukraine crisis: Muslim Tatars are under threat from ethnic violence under new separatist administration in Crimea
04/03/2014 Who Are Muslim Crimean Tatars?
02/07/2008 Introducing Ukraine to Muslim Fashion
26/09/2006 Muslims, Christians Rebuild Ukraine Mosque
12/06/2006 Islam Introduced to Ukrainian Intelligentsia
12/03/2006 Farrukh Travels to Chernobyl
07/10/2005 Ukraine Debuts at Dubai Qur'an Contest - Islam Online
20/07/2005 15 Ukrainian Youth Embrace Islam - Islam Online
20/04/2005 Ukrainian Memorizes Qur’an, a First in 85 Years - Islam Online
11/03/2005 Ukraine’s Muslims Highlight Rising Attacks - Islam Online
07/01/2005 Kosovan, Ukrainian Pilgrims Head to Makkah - Islam Online
03/12/2004 Ukrainian Muslims Concerned Over Political Impasse
26/07/2004 Islamic Development Bank Supports Education and Health of Crimean Tatars
14/07/2004 Ukrainian Muslims Support PM In Presidential Race - Islam Online
03/09/2002 Muslim Educational Center To Be Built in Crimea - RISU
02/08/2002 Muslim Community in Kherson Gets New Spiritual Leader - RISU
04/11/2001 Crimean Muslims in Ukraine pray for U.S. victims of terrorism - The Ukrainian Weekly
15/10/2000 Chechens in Ukraine: a diaspora in the making? - The Ukrainian Weekly
24/10/1999 Officials Fear Islamic Rise in the Ukraine - Islam Online


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