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Frequently Asked Questions

Islam FAQ at

Why Alexander the Great is not Zul-Qarnain (as stated by those against Islam)

Answering Ibn Warraq(Author of "Why i am not muslim")

Allegation of Allah not knowing who Haman was, refuted

Why did Prophet marry hadrat Ayesha(raa)

What was the age of Hadrat Ayesha(raa)

Are Muslims allowed to marry more than 1 Wife or 4 Wives

Does Quran say the time of 5 Prayers

What kind of Paradise is mentioned in Quran

Do Muslims Believe in 10 Commandments

Dismantling the Moon God theory

How many angels visted Mary (pbuh)

Site Answering all Questions on Basic Islam, including Fiqh and other things

Answers to Questions asked by Christians (Another Site)

Response to the Quranic Contradictions, on Christian sites

Muslim Answers Homepage

The Sacrafice of Abraham: Issac or Ishmael.

Did Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him prescribe camel urine as medicine?

Are Muslims exempt from punishment (in an Islamic state) for killing of Non-Muslims?

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