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22/09/04 First UK Islamic bank opens its doors - Guardian, UK

11/08/04 Islamic Bank to vie for Muslim clients - China Daily

09/08/04 First Islamic bank to open in UK - BBC

14/04/04 HSBC launches Islamic pension fund - Guardian

13/04/04 HSBC offers Islamic pension fund - BBC

26/03/04 Islamic Bonds Provide Debt Relief for German State

26/02/04 Swedish 'humanitarian' bank offers interest free mortgages

07/12/03 Islam no bar to economic growth, says US study

14/11/03 Malaysia banking on Islam with fervour

02/09/03 Blending banking and Islam

28/07/03 First Islamic stockbroking service launched - BBC

04/02/03 HSBC launches Islamic Vehicle Finance

16/10/02 Muslims tackle mortgage hurdles - BBC

10/10/02 Gulf states push for single currency - BBC

24/09/02 ABC Islamic Bank introduces Islamic credit card

23/09/02 Islamic services start brightly - Bangkok Post

22/08/02 CitiGroup supports Islamic development bank in debut 'SUKUK' issue

12/08/02 Bahrain starts Islamic financial market - BBC

10/02/02 Malaysia to use gold dinar in trade with Islamic nations

03/08/01 US bankers follow shariah to strike gold

01/06/01 Growing Muslim presence reshaping financial practices


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