Homosexuality and Islam

Islamic View about Homosexuality

7 Tips on Talking to Kids About Homosexuality

The Shariah, Homosexuality & Safeguarding Each Other's Rights in a Pluralist Society - Dr. Jonathan Brown

Incest & Widow Burning: How Much Can Muslims Stomach? - Al-Madina Institute

LGBTQ and Islam Revisited: The Days of the Donald by Dr. Jonathan A. C. Brown with a response by Dr. Shadee Elmasry [PDF]

Dr. Yasir Qadhi: Should Muslims Accept Same-Sex Marriage If Legalized? - About Islam

Muslim Americans and US liberal values - Discussion between Mehdi Hasan, Linda Sarsour and Yasir Qadhi - Al Jazeera

Shaykh Hamza Yusuf on Gay Muslims; Scholars Issue Statement on the Carnage in Orlando

Born or Bred? - Science Does Not Support the Claim That Homosexuality Is Genetic [PDF]

Homosexuality in History

Bible on Homosexuality and Women


He wants to repent from homosexuality and needs help

Overcoming Homosexual inclinations

Young Boys for Sex?

Lesbianism in the Quran?

05/04/2019 Even By The Sharia, Brunei Is Wrong To Bring In Death By Stoning - Huffington Post
25/09/2015 A Dirty Little Secret - Bacha Bazi: The 'Boy Toys' of Afghanistan - Huffington Post
15/01/2008 New highly drug-resistant strain of the "flesh-eating" MRSA Bacteria Strain Is Striking Gay Men - The New York Times
06/08/2006 Gays flee Iraq as Shia death squads find a new target - The Guardian
10/05/2006 Is homosexuality a sin? Minister for Equality, Ruth Kelly, refuses to rule it out - Independent, UK
23/01/2006 Festival of Muslim cultures refuses to allow gay event - The Guardian
07/01/2006 Gay, Muslim and trying to come out of the closet - Times Online, UK
07/01/2006 'Islam is simple. We humans make it complicated' - Times Online, UK
03/01/2006 Muslim head says gays 'harmful' - BBC
07/10/2005 Afghan tribesman faces death for wedding to teenage boy - Sydney Morning Herald
05/10/2005 First gay 'marriage' in Pakistan - BBC
02/06/2005 Gay Pakistan - 'less inhibited than West' - BBC
15/08/2003 Gay Muslims Work Toward a New Islam - Forward
13/08/2003 God, gays and biblical teaching - The Guardian
22/04/1999 Where Did the Gay Gene Go?


Homosexuality Questions and Answers - Understanding Islam

Can you be a Muslim and gay? What does the Quran say about homosexuality? - Quora Discussion




Family Planning in Islam

Talaq (Divorce)


Hadith's and Sunnah's

Sharia/Shariah/Sharee’ah/Shari’ah/Shariyah (Islamic Law/Justice)

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