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09/12/2016 Calls for action as 'honour' killings in Jordan show sharp increase - The Guardian
16/09/2016 Pakistani mother-of-three hanged from tree in 'honour killing' - Independent, UK
02/09/2016 Samia Shahid 'honour killing': British woman was raped before being strangled to death, police say - Independent, UK
05/05/2016 Arrests made in Pakistan 'honour killing' for elopement - Al Jazeera
09/07/2015 Blood Money Law Stirs Debates in Pakistan - OnIslam
28/05/2014 Pakistani woman stoned to death by her family - Al Jazeera
28/09/2013 Pakistan: The punishment was death by stoning. The crime? Having a mobile phone - Independent, UK
27/12/2012 'Honour killings' bring dishonour to India - Al Jazeera
05/08/2012 Pakistani wife in disputed marriage gunned down in court by her brother - The Guardian
30/01/2012 Canadian jury finds Afghan family guilty of 'honour killings' - The Guardian
07/10/2010 Robert Fisk: The crimewave that shames the world
08/09/2010 The lie behind mass 'suicides' of Egypt's young women
07/09/2010 Robert Fisk: Relatives with blood on their hands
25/06/2010 Honour-killing: a sub-continental phenomenon
01/06/2008 Mother who defied the killers is gunned down
16/05/2008 How picture phones have fuelled frenzy of honour killing in Iraq
27/04/2008 The Iraqi teenage girl killed for loving a British soldier
27/04/2008 Barbaric 'honour killings' become the weapon to subjugate women in Iraq
10/02/2008 A question of honour: Police say 17,000 women are victims every year
15/11/2007 Italy: Three convicted of 'honour killing'
23/08/2007 When wrong boyfriends or clothes lead daughters to kill themselves
21/07/2007 Father and uncle given life for 'honour' murder
20/07/2007 'Honour' killer boasted of stamping on woman's neck
29/06/2007 Love that can be lethal: Muslim couples in fear of 'honour' killing
07/02/2007 Pakistan: 'We feel no shame' - the brothers who killed their sister for honour
11/01/2007 Honor Killings Plague Pakistan
29/10/2006 Death in Brescia, Italy
04/09/2006 One in 10 'backs honour killings'
20/08/2006 Murder of Muslim girl 'rebel' by her father shocks all Italy
15/07/2006 Stabbed to death as her family watched... for honour
25/05/2006 UN investigates 'forced suicides' in Turkey
24/05/2006 UN probes Turkey 'forced suicide'
14/04/2006 Man jailed for 'honour killing' that shook Germany
05/11/2005 Father and sons found guilty of honour killing
15/09/2005 Turk shot sister dead 'because of her morals'
07/07/2005 Seven arrested in Pakistan for 'honour crime' rape - Guardian
23/06/2005 Murdered in name of family honour - Guardian
25/04/2005 Austrian Imams Draw Line Between Islam, Traditions
08/12/2004 Do 'honour killings' have any basis in Islam? - Middle East Online
21/11/2004 Death before dishonour - Guardian
06/07/2004 Take the honour out of killing - Guardian
21/02/2004 No Honour In Honour Killings - Hindustan Times
01/10/2003 British Muslims Condemn Honor Killings - Islam Online
30/09/2003 Queen Rania Condemns Non-Islamic 'Honour Killings' - Middle East Online
30/09/2003 UK Muslims condemn honour killings
08/09/2003 Jordan: 'Honour killings' law blocked
01/06/2003 Amman 'honour killer' gets one year
16/12/2002 "Honor" Killings: Condemnations Are Not Enough - Alt.Muslim
23/01/2002 Jordanian women fight 'honour killings'
13/05/2001 Beirut hosts 'honour killing' conference
28/11/2000 "Honor Killing" Rises In Pakistan Despite State And Religious Opposition
24/04/2000 Jordanian women killed 'for honour'
14/02/2000 Jordan: Royals lead honour killing protest
09/03/1999 Honor Killings in the Name of Religion

01/11/2017 Kulwinder Singh, husband of Parwinder Kaur, charged over her burning death - The Sydney Morning Herald
31/10/2015 Italy: Mafia boss accused of ordering hit on his daughter over policeman lover - AFP
04/05/2017 India's Love Commandos - Al Jazeera
30/04/2017 'See what he did to me. This isn't love' - the acid attacks shaming Italy - The Guardian
07/04/2015 Young Indian couple found dead in boxes after suspected 'honour killing' - The Guardian
07/03/2013 India: Suspected case of honour killing reported in Warangal - Business Standard
04/03/2013 Honour killings in Scotland: when blood feuds ruled the clans - BBC
01/03/2013 India: Two sentenced to death for Bhiwani honour killing - Hindustan Times
24/02/2013 India: 'Honour killing': UP woman murdered, husband attacked - The Indian Express
25/06/2010 Triple murder in India highlights increase in 'honour killings' - The Guardian
23/05/2008 Aarushi could be a victim of honour killing - The Hindu
05/01/2008 India: Haryana girl survives 'honour killing'
02/10/2007 Chef stabbed wife's lover 'for honour'
20/09/2007 Woman, 70, and her son get life for 'honour killing' of daughter-in-law - The Guardian
20/09/2007 Grandmother gets life for 'honour killing'
25/11/2006 Untouchable burnt to death after accusing high-caste man of rape
27/06/2006 Love and death: Honor killings in Muzaffarnagar, north India
27/03/2006 Italy: 'Honour' attack leaves woman fighting for life
27/03/2006 Italy: Mafioso shoots sister over 'dishonour'
24/02/2006 Briarwood Brothers Busted In Bomb Scare
20/08/2005 Father held for `honour killing'
01/07/2005 A Sikh destiny
23/06/2005 Palestine: Murdered in name of family honour
04/03/2005 B.C. father guilty of killing daughter in fit of rage
10/01/2005 India: Inter-caste marriage leads to couple's murder
16/12/2004 India: Father jailed over attempted honour killing of daughter
07/12/2004 Honour killing 'opposed by Sikhs'
17/10/2004 The terror of khaps: Leadership cowers before kangaroo courts
28/09/2004 Action sought against `honour killing' accused
14/04/2004 Caste Panchayats as Instruments of Terror
31/01/2004 Murder for `honour'
12/01/2004 Honor Killings on the Rise in India: Women's Group
10/05/2003 India: Mom gave long-distance order for honor killing, police say
07/11/2001 UK: PC killed wife and children with hammer - The Guardian
20/11/2000 'Honour killing' casts medieval shadow over India - The Guardian
28/10/2000 India: The case of a mother and daughter - The Hindu


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