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500,000 Thousand Muslims (1% of polulation)

2 Thousand Muslims (0.02% of polulation)

50 Thousand Muslims (0.02% of polulation)

3 Thousand Muslims (0.02% of polulation)

11 Thousand Muslims (0.1% of population)

77 Thousand Muslims (10% of population)

5 Thousand Muslims (0.05% of population)

500 Thousand Muslims (0.4% of population)


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25/07/2014 Latino Converts to Islam
28/06/2014 Five Years Since the Release of ‘New Muslim Cool’: Hispanic Muslims Growing Segment of U.S. Muslim Religious Culture
29/05/2014 Muslim Latinos In New York Say They Are Being Followed, Despite Spy Unit Shutdown
13/02/2014'As-salam alaykum, Wa alaykumu s-salam': Latino Americans are Leaving Catholicism to Embrace Islam
23/12/2013 Islamic faith finds a fertile home in the Latin American community
05/11/2013 Muslim community sees increase in Latinos converting to Islam
09/10/2013 Why So Many Latinos Are Becoming Muslims
21/08/2013 Changing faiths: Hispanic Americans leaving Catholicism for Islam
19/01/2013 Latino Muslim Ambassadors
27/12/2012 Latino Muslims Carving a New American Identity
16/11/2011 Islam in America ... en Español
07/09/2011 Latino Muslims Define Their Identity 10 Years After 9/11
22/08/2011 Latino and Muslim: A growing minority
15/04/2011 Latino Muslim Converts Find Roots
08/04/2011 Coming Full Circle: The Growth of Islam among Latino/as
08/01/2011 Adding Islam to a Latino Identity
08/09/2009 Erasing the Dichotomy: Positive Portrayals of Latina Muslims
05/10/2008 NSU lecture explores Islamic, Hispanic connection
20/11/2007 Hispanic Converts to Islam Say They Feel Closer to God
26/03/2007 Latino Muslims: BC Islamic Society Introduces Latin Muslims
09/02/2007 More Hispanic Americans are Converting to Islam
23/10/2006 Together in prayer, support
10/10/2006 Islam's appeal spans many cultures
28/09/2006 More US Hispanics drawn to Islam
19/08/2006 Praising Allah -- en español
08/07/2006 Latinos & Islam Conversion
15/06/2006 Latinos find simplicity in Islam
05/06/2006 A Clash of Culture, Faith
26/02/2006 Many Hispanics finding faith in Islam
24/02/2006 Panel highlights plight of many Latino Muslims
03/01/2006 Some S. Florida Latinas converting to Islam
30/10/2005 Some Latinos convert to Islam
30/10/2005 Embracing Islam, Praying for Acceptance
05/10/2005 More Hispanic women converting to Islam
30/09/2005 Islam gains Hispanic converts - Sun Sentinel, USA
30/09/2005 Latino women finding a place in Islam - MSNBC
01/08/2005 Latinos face kin's fears over Islam
25/07/2005 Hispanic, Islamic Groups Want Tancredo Out
13/07/2005 Latino Muslims Growing in Number in the US
06/06/2005 Latinos Turning to Islam - Telegram & Gazette
30/03/2005 Latinas Embrace Islam
27/12/2004 US Latinas seek answers in Islam - Christian Science Monitor
28/07/2003 Using history to find common roots
01/09/2003 Latin America’s fastest-growing faith resents terror allegations from U.S.
07/01/2001 Islam Luring More Latinos


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