Islam and Muslims in Iraq

Capital: Baghdad
Population: 26.2 Million
Muslims Percent: 97% (approx 25.2 Million, 60% Shia 37% Sunni)

Oldest Human History Is at Risk

Robert Fisk: The wartime deceptions: Saddam is Hitler and it's not about oil

Q&A: war on Iraq and oil

John Pilger: IRAQ, the lying game

Coming Soon: "Total War" On the Middle East - AlertNet

Weapons inspections were 'manipulated' - FT

Baghdad booms as Saddam turns sanctions into Gold

Archeive on Iraq News at GUARDIAN

Book Review -> The Price of Victory: The Gulf War


09/12/04 Abuse 'continued after Abu Ghraib' - Guardian

09/12/04 US soldiers would kill civilians, says Marine - Independent, UK

14/09/04 US troops face new torture claims - Guardian, UK

03/08/04 Doctors and Torture

28/07/04 Laughing UK Troops Tortured Iraqis, Court Told

05/06/04 Muslim women are routinely raped by western forces

27/05/04 ROBERT FISK: Follow torture trail at Abu Ghraib

20/05/04 A Corrupted Culture - Washington Post

13/05/04 Accounts of Atrocities Emerge from the Rubble of Fallujah -

13/05/04 'They abused me and stole my dignity' - Guardian, UK

12/05/04 Focus shifts to jail abuse of women - Guardian, UK

11/05/04 Amnesty report lists 37 'disputed' killings by UK forces - Independent

09/05/04 A new monster-in-chief - Observer, UK

06/05/04 Robert Fisk: Video Shows Wounded Iraqis Being Shot by US Helicopters

06/05/04 The torture victim - Independent, UK

05/05/04 Troops 'have been abusing Iraqis for a year - Sydney Morning Herald

04/05/04 Prisoner abuse: One Iraqi’s story - MSNBC

04/05/04 Congress asked to probe Abu Ghraib - Wash Times

30/04/04 US military in torture scandal - Guardian, UK

30/04/04 Photos show jail abuse by US troops - Sydney Morning Herald


07/12/04 US admits the war for ‘hearts and minds’ in Iraq is now lost

24/11/04 Malnutrition Rising Among Iraq's Children

20/11/04 'The war is over, but there is no peace ... and the killings go on'

28/09/04 More Iraqi civilians killed by U.S. forces than by insurgents, data shows

28/07/04 The real reasons Bush went to war

04/06/04 UN Says U.S.-Led Forces Violated Rights in Iraq

25/05/04 Morgue Records Show 5,500 Iraqis Killed

29/09/03 Ethnic and Religious Fissures Deepen in Iraqi Society

22/09/03 America puts Iraq up for sale

04/06/03 Wolfowitz: Iraq war was about oil

01/06/03 The lies that led us into war


Jihad Unspun


Guardian Newspaper, UK


Iraq Action Coalition


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