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Capital: Tel Aviv
Population: 8.3 million (July 2017 est.)
Muslims Percent: 17.7% (approx. 1.47 million)

Palestine, Israel and the Arab-Israeli Conflict: A Primer by Joel Beinin and Lisa Hajjar [PDF]

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17/04/2018 Israel's 70th Anniversary through Arab eyes
05/05/2016 IDF military chief backtracks after appearing to compare Israel to Nazi Germany
21/02/2016 Israeli winner of Berlin Film Festival brands Netanyahu government 'fascist'
20/04/2004 American Muslims the most serious threat to Israel
04/04/2003 Was Einstein Right? - Counter Punch

16/04/2016 Palestinian who filmed Israeli soldier shooting disarmed man dead in Hebron receives death threats
29/03/2016 Israel violence: Hundreds march in support of IDF soldier suspected of shooting injured Palestinian
24/12/2015 Israeli wedding party celebrates Dawabsheh killings
23/10/2015 Israeli solders shoot dead Israeli Jew mistaken for Palestinian attacker in second accidental killing in a week.
22/10/2015 Israel Calls a Man Its Soldiers Killed a “Terrorist”: Until They Realized He Was an Israeli Jew
15/10/2015 Israeli police kill more Palestinians in Jerusalem
13/10/2015 Israel stabbing: Israeli man stabs fellow Israeli Jew after 'mistaking him for Arab'
12/10/2015 'Israel is a terrorist state'
09/08/2015 Israel jails two Jewish extremists for six months without charge
23/10/2004 Harassment as a military duty - Haaretz
04/06/2004 Turkish PM accuses Israel of practising state terrorism - Guardian, UK
04/06/2004 They didn't even give us two minutes to get out - Guardian, UK
02/06/2004 Israel troops exhibit tells of harassment
27/05/2004 Turkey undecided on recalling ambassador - Haaretz
10/05/2004 The Israeli Torture Template: Rape, Feces and Urine-Dipped Cloth Sacks
12/01/2004 Israel blamed for USS Liberty attack - Washington Times
15/11/2004 Attack on USS Liberty - A Mystery That Won't Go Away
15/11/2003 Palestinians Tell About 'Israel's Guantanamo' - Islam Online
27/08/2003 Inside Israel's secret prison - Haaretz
27/08/2002 Israeli army under fire for looting

05/06/2016 Israelis mark annexation of East Jerusalem
16/05/2016 Nakba Day: A 'clear challenge' to Israeli establishment
08/05/2016 What happened when famous authors went to visit hardcore Jewish settlers
22/04/2016 Israel outraged by UNESCO resolution on Jerusalem sites
25/11/2015 Israel to displace thousands of Palestinian Bedouins
06/08/2015 Israeli policewoman protected by Palestinians as settlers throw rocks at authorities
14/12/2004 Israelis hasten land grab in shadow of wall - Guardian
19/10/2004 Israeli destruction of Palestinian homes 'violates international law'
23/08/2004 Israel announces hundreds more West Bank houses
23/08/2004 US deal 'wrecks Middle East peace' - Guardian
23/08/2004 Israel builds more settler homes, with US nod
18/08/2004 Sharon orders 1,000 homes in West Bank - Guardian
06/08/2004 Uprooted trees, razed houses... Israel leaves its calling card in Gaza - Independent
06/08/2004 Israel flouts road map with new settlement - Guardian
27/07/2004 Israel expands West Bank settlements - Guardian
21/07/2004 UN calls for Israel to tear down wall - Guardian
17/06/2004 Israel goes ahead with expansion of settlements and fence - Guardian
15/06/2004 Settlements That Settle Nothing - Washinton Post
19/05/2004 Homes wrecked, lives destroyed: Israeli tactics that fuel the Intifada
19/05/2004 Amnesty Int'l: Israel razed 3,000 homes since intifada began
06/05/2004 Israel spent £3.7m building illegal outposts - Guardian, UK
20/01/2004 Israeli Bulldozers Flatten 30 Gaza Houses
02/04/2003 Israel destroys Negev Bedouin harvest with crop dusters

01/12/2004 FBI Searches Pro-Israel Lobbyists' Office
31/08/2004 New spy scandal comes as major blow to Israel, AIPAC - Daily Star, Lebanon
04/08/2004 Suspected Israeli spy alleged to be using Canadian passport - CBC, Canada
26/07/2004 Vanunu: Israel behind Kennedys assassination - Al Jazeera
16/07/2004 New Zealand cuts Israeli links in spy row
16/07/2004 'Mossad spies' jailed over New Zealand passport fraud - Guardian
24/05/2004 Israeli Agents Believed Involved in Abu Ghraib - Newsmax
04/11/2004 Five Israelis were seen filming as jet liners ploughed

16/10/2015 Israeli police 'kick and beat' journalist in video
02/08/2015 Israelis protest hate crimes in wake of baby's death
24/11/2004 Israelis fired on girl 'having identified her as a 10-year-old'
24/11/2004 Israeli officer: I was right to shoot 13-year-old child - Guardian
20/11/2004 Israeli soldiers accused of mistreating bodies
20/10/2004 Killing children is no longer a big deal - Haaretz

26/04/2004 Israel said still making nuclear weapons
21/04/2004 Israel's Whistle-Blower, Still Under a Nuclear Cloud
20/04/2004 Robert Fisk: Israel and Nuclear Weapons exposed
04/10/2002 Israel's arms inspector - Guardian, UK

02/09/2016 Mass incarceration: 71% of Israeli prisoners aren’t Jewish, majority are Palestinian
28/05/2016 The vulnerability of Palestinian women in Israel
20/04/2016 Israel rabbi to paramedics: 'Leave Palestinians to die'
10/03/2016 Poll: Half of Israeli Jews want Palestinians expelled
01/10/2015 Palestinians mark 15 years since 'October massacre'


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