Arabs and Israel - conflict or conciliation?


And let not the
Unbelivers think:

That our (Allah's) respite
To them is good
For themselves:

We (Allah) grant them
respite that they may
grow in their iniquity:

But they will have
A shameful punishment:*

Holy Quran 3:178

'Grenades against stones!'
Armed to the teeth Israeli soldier ready to
hurl a grenade against unarmed protesters

* NOTE: That the cup of their iniquity may be full. The appetite for sin grows with what it feeds on. The natural result is that the sinner sinks deeper into sin. If there is any freedom of will, this naturally follows, though Allah's Grace is always ready for the repentant. If the grace is rejected, the increase of iniquity makes the nature of iniquity plainer to those who might otherwise be attracted by its glitter. The working of Allah's law is therefore both just and merciful.


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