By no means will you
Attain righteousness

Unless you give (freely)
Of that which
You love;

And whatever you give,
Of a truth Allah
Knows it well.*

Holy Quran 3:92

The conquering souls of tomorrow:
The spirit of these infant Davids must lead to
eventual victory over the jewish goliaths.

* NOTE: If you give your life in a Cause, that is the greatest gift you can give. If you give yourself, that is, your personal efforts, your talents, your skill, your learning, that comes next in degree. If you give your earnings, your property, your possessions, that is also a great gift: for many people love them even more than other things. It is unselfishness that Allah demands, and there is no act of unselfishness, however small or intangible, but is well within the knowledge of Allah.


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