Capital: Damascus
Population: 18 Million (July 2017 est)
Muslims Percent: 74% Sunni Muslims, 13% other Muslim (includes Alawite, Druze)

History of Syria (Shaam)

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08/03/2018 “It’s Raining Rockets”: Deadly New Syrian-Russian Assault Kills Hundreds in Eastern Ghouta - New Yorker
02/03/2018 Eastern Ghouta bombardment: 674 Syria civilians killed in 13 days - Al Jazeera
07/09/2017 Syrian refugees trade violence for thirst - Al Jazeera
31/08/2017 Victory for Assad looks increasingly likely as world loses interest in Syria - The Guardian
18/06/2017 Syria's displaced: 'This Ramadan is full of grief' - Al Jazeera
25/05/2017 Syrian refugee crisis: All your questions answered - Al Jazeera
06/05/2017 Syria’s Kurds march on to Raqqa and the sea - The Guardian
14/03/2017 The 'slow-motion slaughter' of Syrian civilians - Al Jazeera
06/01/2017 UN: Wadi Barada water-supply sabotage is a war crime - Al Jazeera
26/12/2016 Mass graves found in eastern Aleppo, Russia claims - Independent, UK
17/12/2016 The 'Palestinisation' of the Syrian people - Al Jazeera
13/12/2016 Aleppo’s people are being slaughtered. Did we learn nothing from Srebrenica? - The Guardian
29/11/2016 Aleppo could witness one of the worst massacres since World War Two, France warns - Independent, UK
25/09/2016 Aleppo residents plead for help as Syria fighting rages
01/07/2016 30,000 Syrian children 'starving' on Jordan border - Al Jazeera
11/06/2016 Syria's Daraya bombing: France 'outraged beyond words'
16/04/2016 Refugee robot engineers bring hope to Syria - Al Jazeera
05/04/2016 What can a Jewish folktale tell us about Assad? - Al Jazeera
22/03/2016 Karim the AI delivers psychological support to Syrian refugees
06/01/2016 Madaya: residents of besieged Syrian town say they are being starved to death - The Guardian
20/10/2015 Russian air strikes in Syria kill scores - Al Jazeera
17/10/2015 Syrian refugees struggle to get medical care in Jordan - Al Jazeera
14/09/2015 Syria's Druze reject calls for anti-government uprising - Al Jazeera
07/07/2015 Isis in Syria: Influential tribal leaders hold secret talks with Western powers and Gulf states over possibility of mobilising against militants - Independent, UK
04/06/2015 Isis slaughter in the sacred Syrian city of Palmyra: The survivors' stories - Independent, UK
24/05/2015 Assad regime accused of 35 chlorine attacks since mid-March - The Guardian
26/04/2015 Syria conflict: The illicit art trade that is a major source of income for today's terror groups is nothing new
08/08/2014 How Data Scientists Are Uncovering War Crimes in Syria - Mashable
29/04/2011 Robert Fisk: Out of Syria's darkness come tales of terror
28/04/2011 Deraa: A city under a dark siege
25/10/2008 Ode to Damascus: The Syrian capital reveals its secrets
21/02/2008 Syria: The Changing Face of Syria
05/02/2007 Syria refuses to help refugees driven from Iraq
17/10/2007 Syrian human rights activists under siege, watchdog warns
28/05/2007 Democracy Damascus style: Assad the only choice in referendum
02/09/2006 The final place of refuge for Christians in the Middle East is under threat
29/08/2006 Islamic Revival in Syria Is Led by Women
31/05/2006 Syria's silent purge
09/08/2005 Christians and Muslims: Living in harmony in Syria
11/06/2005 Syria accused of having hit list in Lebanon
10/06/2005 Assad finds new strength in adversity
06/06/2005 An underlying control-freak mentality often results in disastrous attempts at reform in Arab countries


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