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33 Lessons for every Muslim

Critics of Muslims, Quran showing their ignorance

13/06/07 Honest teen returns 12Gs in lost cash
15/02/07 Decency drives cabbie to do right thing
09/02/07 Bangladesh cabbie is toast of NYC
18/11/05 Cabbie Finds $350,000 in Diamonds in Cab, Returns Them to Passenger
30/07/03 Chechan Muslim is the oldest person alive - BBC
22/05/03 Indian Muslim Man is 132 years old - BBC, UK
15/08/02 Muslims Keep Watch Over Holy Shrine
16/07/02 Canadian Muslim teacher becomes a hero in France
27/05/02 Muslim Cab Driver Honestly returns the lost Handbag
25/01/01 Seeking Mecca in Inuvik - National Geographic


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