Islam and Muslims in Australia

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Capital: Canberra
Population: 23.0 Million (Jan 2017 estimated)
Muslims Percent: 2.2% (approx. 506,000)

Brief history of the Muslim Community in Australia

Muslims in Australia: A Brief History

Australians Increasingly Embracing Islam

Islam fastest growing faith in Australia

Australian Women embrace the hijab

Militant Aborigines embrace Islam to seek empowerment

From Mosman to Islam

[PDF] An introduction to ISLAM in Australia

[VIDEO] Turning Muslim in Australia!

26/06/2018 Huawei named as top corporate sponsor for MPs' paid travel. Company paid for 12 trips to China, but politicians make more trips to Israel than anywhere else - The Guardian
05/01/2018 'There's a lot of repenting': why Australian prisoners are converting to Islam - The Guardian
03/03/2017 Australia encourages Israel's occupation of Palestine
30/08/2016 Can you be a practising Muslim and identify with the Australian way of life?
15/12/2016 Australia sees nascent growth in Islamic finance despite tax concerns
15/12/2015 Muslim Australians read out Islamophobic comments on video
13/11/2015 Australia: confronting Islamophobia with tolerance
16/04/2015 Australians rally behind woman who defended Muslim couple
16/04/2015 Aussie Hero Defends Muslim Woman on Train
06/03/2015 Perth Muslim TV Defies Misconceptions
28/11/2014 Australia Imams Fight Domestic Violence
24/09/2014 Canberra: New hijab fashion store opens, as Muslim community overwhelmed by support - The Canberra Times
24/06/2014 When Islam came to Australia
06/09/2013 Tony Abbott and Islamophobia: The greatest hits
24/07/2013 Aussie Muslims Denounce Anti-Halal Stickers
02/07/2013 Aussie Muslim Minister Defends Qur'an Oath
14/02/2013 Halal Meat is Australia's Greatest Export
08/02/2013 Islam Embraces Australia's Indigenous People
02/02/2013 Wilder's Hate Message Hurts Aussie Muslims
05/03/2012 Australian Muslim women must show faces for identity checks under new law - The Guardian
04/08/2009 Australia arrests 'foil army base terror plot'
04/08/2009 Australia arrests 'terror' suspects
28/12/2008 Don't force Aussie Muslims into ghettos
25/06/2008 Australia in Muslim Polygamy Debate
20/05/2008 Warning after Australian town blocks Islamic school proposal
11/03/2008 Australia govt seeks secular Muslim advisers
29/07/2007 Cleared doctor leaves Australia
05/07/2007 Oil a factor in Iraq conflict, says Australian defence minister
04/05/2007 Shared beliefs but a different face of Islam
24/03/2007 All the way from Guantanamo to Parliament
21/03/2007 Aussie Imams Urged to be Firefighters
04/11/2006 Rape victim Defends Aussie Mufti
03/09/2006 Aussie Muslims Feel Under Siege
05/05/2006 Aussie Muslims Slam Priest for "Ignorant" Qur'an Remarks
26/03/2006 Australian shame as Aborigine left to die
29/01/2006 'Anti-Muslim' posters removed
28/12/2005 Aussie Muslims Take Anti-extremists Action
21/10/2005 Hate wave hits Australian Muslim women
29/08/2005 Australia rejects Muslim headscarf ban
25/08/2005 Howard Defends Spying on Mosques, Islamic Scholars
24/08/2005 Anti-Secularism Muslims Told to Leave Australia
14/08/2005 Australian Muslims Mull Self-Policing
07/08/2005 Howard Reassures Muslims, Urges Help to Fight Terror
25/07/2005 Aussie Muslim Leaders Hit Back at Howard
24/07/2005 Australia to Prosecute "Inciting" Imams
23/07/2005 Muslim women reject fatwa that bans study
29/06/2005 Raids fuel fears of Muslim persecution
14/04/2005 Australian Muslims Want Troops Home From Iraq
09/11/2004 Islam is where the art is
24/06/2004 Australian Muslim prayer hall site vandalized
19/04/2004 The outsiders
05/04/2004 Finding a place, without needing to fit in
06/10/2003 Muslim refugees fed pork in SA detention: activist
07/11/2002 Australia 'safe' for Muslims
31/10/2002 Australia defends raids for Muslim "sleepers"
16/09/2002 Open season on Muslims in the newest phobia


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