Truth about the Train Incident


                         Truth about the Train Incident                         



          Mr. Anil Soni and Neelam Soni (reporter of

Gujarat Samachar)          



        Soni's mobile number: 0-9825038152.Resident

number 02672 (code) 43153            



      The tragic incident of Sabarmati Express that

occurred today at 7:30 am at about 1 km away from Godhra

railway station has             

      thrown a question mark to those people who claim

to be secular or liberal. Many aspects & facts have

been ignored &              

      which I would like to bring to your notice.     




      Compartment (Bogey) no S-6 & two other

compartment of the                 

      Sabarmati Express was carrying the kar sevaks of

the V.H.P                

      (Vishwa Hindu Parishad). And it was due to these

kar sevaks               

      from bogey no S-6 that the incident occurred.

The actual                  

      story didn't start from Godhra as being told

everywhere but               

      it started from a place from Daahod, a place

that comes 70-75             

      km before Godhra railway station. At about 5:30

-6:00 a.m.                

      the train reached Daahod railway station. These

kar sevaks,               

      after having tea & snacks at the railway stall,

broke down                

      the stall after having some argument with the

stall owner and             

      they proceeded back to the departing train. The

stall owner               

      then filed an N C against kar sevaks at the

local police                  

      station about the above incident. Then about

7.00- 7.15am the             

      train reached Godhra railway station. All the

kar sevaks came             

      out from their reserved compartments and started

to have tea              

      and snacks, at the small tea stall on the

platform, which was             

      being run by an old bearded man from the

minority community.              

      There was a servant helping this old man in the

stall. The                

      kar sevaks on purpose argued with this old man

and then beat              

      him up & pulled his beard. This was all planned

to humiliate              

      the old man since he was from the minority

community. These               

      kar sevaks kept repeating the slogan, " Mandir

Ka Nirmaann                

      Karo, Babur Ki Aulad ko Baahar Karo". (Start

building the                 

      Mandir and throw the sons of Babur i.e. the

Muslims out of                

      the country.)                                   




      Hearing the chaos, the daughter (16) of the old

man who was               

      also present at the station came forward & tried

to saver her             

      father from kar sevaks. She kept pleading &

begging to them               

      to stop beating her father and leave him alone.

But instead               

      of listening y to her woes, the kar sevaks

lifted the young               

      girl and took her inside their compartment (S-6)

and closed               

      the compartment door shut. Their intention

behind this act is             

      best known to them. The train started to move

out of the                  

      platform of Godhra railway station. The old man

kept banging              

      on the compartment doors and pleaded to leave

his daughter.               

      Just before the train could move out completely

from the                  

      platform, two stall vendors jumped into the last

bogey that               

      comes after the guards cabin. And with the

intention of                   

      saving the girl the pulled the chain and stopped

the train.               

      By the time the train halted completely, it was

1 km                      



      away from the railway station. These two men

then came to the             

      bogey in which the                              




      girl was and started to band at the door and

requested the                

      kar sevaks to leave the girl alone.             




      Hearing all these chaos, people vicinity near to

the tracks               

      started to gather towards the train. The boys

and the mob                 

      (that also included women) that had now gathered

near the                 

      compartment requested the kar sevaks to return

the girl back.             

      But instead of returning the girl, they started

closing their             

      windows. The infuriated the mob and they

retaliated by                    

      pelting stones at the compartment.              




      The compartment-adjoining compartment S-6 on

both sides                   

      contained kar sevaks of the V.H.P. These kar

sevaks were                  

      carrying banners that had long bamboo stick

attached to them.             

      These kar sevaks got down and started attacking

with bamboo               

      sticks on the mob gathered to save the girl.    




      This was like adding insult to injury for the

crowd gathered              

      and their anger was now uncontrollable. The

crowd started to              

      bring diesel and petrol from trucks and

rickshaws standing at             

      the garages Signal Fadia (a place in Godhra) and

burnt down               

      the compartment.                                




      They didn't bring the fuel from any petrol pump

as being                  

      reported everywhere nor was this act of burning


      as being mentioned by many people but it

happened all of a                

      sudden out of sheer frustration and anger. After


      about this incident, members of V.H. P (Vishwa


      Parishad) living in that area started burning

down the                    

      garages in Signal Fadia, they also burnt down


      Masjid, (Mosque), at Shehra Bhagaaad (small area

in Godhra).              



      Reliable resources have reported all these

information and                

      facts to me cannot be doubted. I would also

mention my                    

      sources namely Mr. Anil Soni and Neelam Soni

(reporter of                 

      Gujarat Samachar, also members of P.T.I & A.N.

I.) have                   

      worked hard to dig the true facts and they duly

deserve words             

      of appraisal for their hard work. Mr.Soni's

mobile number:                

      0-9825038152. Resident number 02672 (code)

43153, office                  

      number: 43152, fax                              




      Due to no proper substantial and circumstantial

evidence and              

      the late arrival of the Police at the scene of


      frustrated the Police. Which resulted in

harassment and                   

      arrests in innocent local people living in


      Furthermore the police started blaming the Mayor

of Godhra,               

      Mr. Ahmed Hussain Kalota for incident. Mr.

Kalota who is the              

      member of the Indian National Congress is also a

lawyer. This             

      blaming on Congressmen was also done to

humiliate, defame and             

      demoralize the Congress.                        




      The V.H.P's plan is to weaken the country by


      internal conflicts between communities and bring


      backwardness of 100 years in the country. Sorry

to say but                

      they are carrying out their plans of being

stopped by anyone.             

      No one but only the innocents will have to bear


      consequences of their plans. It is our humble

request and                 

      prayers to all the members of Parliament along

wit the Prime              

      Minister, and the entire media circle to try and

stop the                 

      sparks of a fire to gulp down the whole county

in flames to               

      take some action against the kar sevaks of the

V.H. P (Vishwa             

      Hindu Parishad) before they get out of hand and


      harassing the innocents and catch the real

miscreants and                 

      culprits. We lay our request in front of you

with folded                  

      hands and hearts filled with theirs for the

death of                      

      innocents and anger for the wrongdoers.         




      We hope our request and efforts will not

deaf-eared or                    



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