Experts to solve Lunavada grave mystery

Uma Sudhir

The mystery behind the Lunavada mass grave in Panchmahal district of Gujarat is likely to be solved by February.

The Andhra Pradesh Forensic Science Laboratory has told the team that is leaving for Lunavada on how it wants the exhumed samples from the grave to be collected.

"They are most probably going to send us the whole exhumed parts which are useful for the purpose of extraction of DNA," said KPC Gandhi, Director of Andhra Pradesh Forensic Science Laboratory.

Gandhi says the report should be ready in a month. And though almost four years have gone by since the incident occurred, the time lag will not hamper the scientific investigation.

"DNA does not die if the cell is intact. That is why we are able to extract DNA even from fossils, which are millions of years old. But the cause of death and time of death does not come within the purview of any forensic science laboratory," Gandhi said.

A technical team is leaving from Delhi to assist the CBI in collecting the samples.


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