Field Reports From Gujarat India

We are an independant reporters group. These are

our reports based on actual feild surveys and counts

in the state of Gujrat.

Please Publish this as much as you can.

The figures are true to our knowledge. We might add

more to this report. For a start this should do.

Allah Haafiz



Riots of Gujarat

Affected areas:

Panchmahal Dist. Sabarkantha Dist. Banaskantha,

Mehsana, Kheda, Narmada, Ahmedabad, Baroda, Surat,

Villages : Sagana, Berol, Kalol, Halol, Dabhoi,

pandolwala, Gotri & Limkheda

Death :

More then 5000

Destruction of Mosques :

12 in Baroda (proper), 10 in Ahmedabad (proper), All

Masjids of affected villages

Several Masjids converted into Mandir (Hulladi Hanuman


Completely burned areas of Ahmedabad:

Ansar nagar, Chamanpura, Nutan Mill, Gulmarg Soc.,

Maryambibi's chawl, Barasancha's chawl, Darji's chawl,

Anupam Cinema's area, Ient wada, Pannalal's chawl,

Niranjan's chawl, Jhalampura's chawl, Three societies

of Vatwa, Three others societies of Narol,

Guptangar(Juhapura), Naroda Patiya, Mai

Fatehshah(shahpur), Premdarwaja.

40 to 50 thousand peoples are homeless, they are in

different 25 relief camps.

Barbaric cases :

72 people burned with their homes in Gulmarg society.

29 people killed in Mehsana village.

46 people killed and burned them in the truck on

Lunawada highway.

18 people burned in the 'Best bakery' in Baroda.

350 dead bodies of Muslims were thrown in a well near

Naroda Patiya.

Most young girls/women molested/raped before burning.

Property loss :

Almost all hotels were destroyed in city and highway.

(approx 200 hotels)

Two big cloth markets -Nawa Bazar & Mangal Bazar

(approx. 163 shops completely destroyed.)

Property of all low-population villages of Muslims

were destroyed.

Weapons used & Other Facilities.

They exploded houses and Mosques by the LPG Gas

cylinders and Oxygen Gas cylinders.

They attach with the support of Police and burned all

properties by Petrol.

They were having always a truck of Petrol and the

trucks of Gas cylinders with them.

They were provided foods, waters, medical aid on the


Swords, Rifles, Petrol bombs, Acid bombs.

They were given 500 Rs. per day, food, wines. if they

were killed then two lacks Rs. given to their

families, if they are arrested all legal expensive

given by Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP).


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