Report from Sabarkantha

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Report from Sabarkantha (13 March 2002)

Killing of human, burning live and looting means devastation of Muslims 



	The horrific incidence which took place on 27 February 2002 at

Godhra, which resulted in announcing the Bandh (close-down the 


by Vishwa Hindu Parishad and Bajrang Dal, militant Hindu.  In fact this

announcement was not to express any anger and protest, but in the name 


anger, it was preplanned and engineered to kill, burnt alive, loot and 


fire the properties, and molest the chastity of Muslims of Gujarat .  


this horrified Bandh Announcement and horrified activities behind were

started on the very early morning of Thursday itself.  This day of 28

February 2002 shall be considered a Black Thursday for Muslims of 


Thereafter, in hole state of Gujarat, in all its major cities, towns, 


village areas the brutal killings, burning alive in group, series of

massacres of Muslims were started.  The scenerio was as if a winner

uncontrolled army is attacking and looting the defeated cities/towns 


localities.  In Gujarat its major cities/towns, like, Ahmedabad City,

Ahmedabad district, Capital Gandhinagar, Gandhinagar district, Mehsana,

Sabarkantha, Banaskantha, Panchmahal, Dahod, Kheda, Anand, Baroda,

Surendranagar and Bhavnagar, these regions was badly damaged, 


worth several crores were looted, fired, innocent Muslims were 


burnt alive, brutally killed.  Thus the Muslims society of Gujarat 

faced a

horrified man engineered act, which had not witnessed earlier in the

history of Gujarat.

	In these violence and series of riots, Sabarkantha district

largely affected which has engulfed in almost all 12 Talukas (each 


comprises of several villages).  In almost each Talukas, the properties 


Muslims such as shops, factories, industries, lorry-gullas 


and several houses were looted and set fired.  Apart from it, the

business, shops and houses belongs to Muslims in small villages were

looted and set fired.  Several mosques and dargahs were destroyed, 


and set fired.  The several population of Muslims were blocked from all

corners, set fired, resulting several Muslims were murdered.

	In Sabarkantha district, after Himmatnagar the Modasa city and

taluka is also heavily affected.  In Modasa city out of 9 casualties, 6

persons are burnt alive and 15 persons are injured.  120 shops and

factories are looted and burnt alive.  35 heavy truck lorries are 


10 houses are looted and set fired.  The whole premises of Modasa Road

Transport Cooperative Society Limited, which includes Petrol Pump was

looted and set fired.  A private hospital was looted and set fired.

Three Masajids are damaged, 20 farms, houses, agricultural equipments 


crops were looted and set fired.

	During these riots in Modasa Taluka, 14 Muslims are killed, 35

persons are injured.  158 shops and factories are looted and set fired.

42 houses are looted and set fired.  6 Masajids are damaged, 47 heavy

truck lorries are burnt.  Thus, in Modasa Taluka an aggregate of Rs.25

crores of properties are destroyed.

	Presently, in Modasa city 7 relief camps, wherein the affected

people from 5 Talukas, and people from surrounding villages are taking

shelter.  Today, except Meghraj, all helpless community from 


villages are taking shelter in Modasa city, which are totaled at 4000

persons.  These relief camps have given shelter to the people from 


villages, which are totally devastated and finished.  Kidiyad village 


Malpur taluka, its population of 216 persons who had lost their every

belongings and house, 150 persons have reached to Modasa, rest of 70

persons who tried to escape in a truck were burnt alive by Militant

Hindus.  In this camp, 41 persons belong to Panderwada village of 


taluka are sheltered, at Panderwada a horrific massacre took place 


85 Muslims were burnt alive.

	The Modasa region in particular and Gujarat state in general is

passing from inhuman and intolerable sufferings and total

economics/business are finished.  Under these circumstances, the 


Muslims who are afraid due to terror and horrific riots, be provided

solace and strength, a support, prayer shall strengthen their morale to

live normal, re-start their economic activities, to solve their

re-settlement and re-establishment problems.  Any type of small and big

help shall bring the affected Muslims of Gujarat, who were targeted by

militant Hindus.  May the Almighty Allah give the best rewards in this

life and in the life hereafter, amen.


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