Uneasy Calm...Muslims Under Attack

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Card No. D-37707

Government of Gujarat

All Muslim property has been systematically been erased by the Hindus. 


were living in our community therefore we have managed to defend 


but those whose number in the surrounding villages was small their

property was looted and they were hunted like dogs.There was and still 


law enforcement agency in sight. Still the situation is tense an uneasy

calm prevails. Those who saved their lives now think what will happen


Two days ago we were surrounded by Hindu mobs armed with pipes machetes

swords supported by police. When the Hindu mobs attacked thrice the 


guns were only pointed at Muslims. We put a SOS for help and I believe 


uneasy calm that exists is due to the international pressure. Till now 


media has come to cover the plight of Muslims here.

In the town of Atarsumba two of our Muslim brother of our community 


dragged back into their shop locked and then burnt alive. We were so 


could not even hear their screams but we did get to see the burnt and

charred remains of what was their bodies in a decomposed manner more 


30 hours later.

Yesterday in 4 days we got milk and water. We are fortunate that in the

community we were having food to eat. Others have been less fortunate. 


are divided into four community parts in four different areas each to 


for its self. We total about 20,000 in all, divided in four parts minus

the women & children the population of men reduces to half or less.

Smaller communities and individuals phoned for help. We were helpless. 


was a situation where, either we defend ourselves and our wife and

children or go on a suicide mission to rescue others. Those who fell in 


days of violence number over 300-400 in our area alone.

The situation was no different in the big cities of Ahmedabad and surat

Baroda etc. Parts of Gujarat still burn as I write to you. Yet the 


Minister and the Home Minister say there is no law and order problem.

There is a relaxation in curfew today for 5 hours. Curfew..., which was

all along only for Muslims and not for the arsonist and murdering Hindu

mobs. If things don?t change soon, we can?t envisage the outcome and

consequences of the ongoing situation.

Today each city and each town has divided in to two parts. The Muslim 


and the Hindu part. What this will eventually do is tear the fabric of 


Indian soiety; those Hindus and even friends who did this have now 

sowed a

seed of hatred in every heart. The question of terrorism that the India

talks about is this. What will they do now to the terrorist Hindus?

What happened in Godhra as Muslims we condemn such act, but also on the

other hand there no justification of the massacre that is being carried

out by Hindu terrorists in the name of retaliation. The Government of

India has so far been unsuccessful in controlling Hindu fanatic 


arsonist and Murderers. Hindu terrorists has crossed all limits of 



Today we turn to the muslim community world wide for assistance and Dua

for the the plight of Muslims in Gujarat and our town of Himmatnagar.


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