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Al-Aníam 155/156 This Book (Quran) which We have revealed is a blessed one. Follow its guidance and have piety so that you perhaps may receive mercy and will not say that the Book was revealed only to two groups of people before you, or that you were ignorant of its knowledge, or proclaim, "Had the Book been revealed to us, we would have followed its guidance better than the (Jews and Christians). Islam is the only good tool for humanity to benefit from during this short life on earth.

However the big majority of Muslims around the world today are not aware of the knowledge within the Quran. Every nation, as you must have noticed, changed the practice of Islam according to what their ancestors taught them. Unfortunately in practice, Islam has become a religion that is passed on from father to son lacking knowledge and meaning. This you can clearly witness by asking Muslims about the meaning of the terms they use when they are on the prayer mat. As you know Allah considers the ones with knowledge as the ones who can see, and the ones who has no knowledge are like the blind.

We have to encourage the Islamic nations to consume the Translations of the Holy Quran, with the most up to date variety of translations they have of the Quran in their mother tongue, not just to read it for once but to make reading Quranís translation as a part of our ordinary daily life for the rest of our time on earth.

Az-Zumar 23 Allah has revealed the best reading material in the form of a Book with similar passages which refer to each other and make the skins of those who fear their Lord shiver. Then their skins and hearts incline to the remembrance of Allah. This is the guidance of Allah. He guides whomever He wants. No one can guide those whom Allah has caused to go astray.

Az-Zumar 27 We have given all kinds of examples for the human being in this Quran so that perhaps he may take heed.

Az-Zumar 36 Is Allah not sufficient (support) for His servants? They frighten you with what they worship besides Allah. Who can guide one whom Allah has caused to go astray?

Az-Zumar 37 Who can mislead one whom Allah has guided? Is Allah not Majestic and Revengeful?

Muhammed 24 Is it that they do not think about the Quran or are their hearts sealed?

Al-Qamar 17 We have made the Quran easy to understand, but is there anyone who would pay attention?

Al-Hadid 16 Is it not time for the hearts of the believers to become humbled by the remembrance of Allah and by the Truth which has been revealed so that they will not be like the followers of the Bible who lived before them and whose hearts have become hard like stone through the long years. Many of them are evil doers.

Ya-Sin 29 Surely they who recite the Book of Allah constantly and keep up their prayer and spend out of what We have given to them secretly and openly, those can hope for a gain which will not perish.

Reciting the book constantly to understand is something we are advised to practice and by doing this we are rightly guided. Our souls also need to be fed just like our bodies. Muslims who practice Islam as a lifestyle must be guided to consume Quran to understand. How is it possible to be guided by Allah if no understanding is there?

Reading Quran without understanding is something like as if the Quran is a big chest of treasure Allah has given us to use and spend in order to benefit from in this worldly life and never feel poverty and fear. People who are not understanding but reading it in Arabic are like the ones who open up this chest and start playing and rubbing the gold and diamonds within the chest. By spending their time rubbing the wealth of Allah they are partly relieved and they feel good sensations at those moments, however as soon as they finish reading they close the chest and lock it, and return back to their lives empty pocketed and blind. They are the ones who does not benefit from this treasure.

People who read to understand the guidance of Allah are like the ones who open up the chest and fill their pockets with the wealth of Allah to spend it on themselves and help others who are also in need. By this they are relieved from much hardness of this short life and they are the ones who never fear poverty.

The guidance of Allah is open to all nations around the world. Arabs today also have difficulty understanding the Quran if they donít have the education to understand it further. (E.g. some new English speaker trying to understand Shakespeare) All nations today are almost at the same distance to understanding Allah's teachings.

Lifelong half an hour daily minimum dose will turn anyone at any level of education aware of the necessary mentality of Islam and will also keep Allahís advices fresh in their minds to benefit within their daily lives.

Believers must understand that Quran is something that they must consume to understand for the rest of their life on earth. By this they will benefit everyday to sit aside with Allah and listen to his own words and teachings.

We must not forget our Prophet and Sahabe never consumed anything other then the Quran, which to them was a clear understanding.

All praises to Allah, Oh Allah You alone we worship and You alone we ask for help.


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