Repentance and Forgiveness

Repentance in Islam

Forgiveness in Islam

Repenting to Allah

Forgiveness: Islamic Perspective

I would like to repent, but...

Repentance: Question & Answers

Do I confess?

Praying for Forgiveness and Repentance - Harun Yahya

Repentance - Imam Ash-Shaafi`ee

The State of Repentance

Hadiths: Repentance and Forgiveness

Sahih Muslim Book 37: The Book of Repentance

Duas for Forgivness - Istighfar


Fatwa: The Door of Repentance Is Wide Open

Fatwa: Repentance for Major and Minor Sins

Fatwa: Repentance for Zina

Fatwa: Can Zina Hadd Be Dropped after Repentance?

Fatwa: Understanding the Concept of Repentance

Fatwa: Repentance for Zina - Yusuf A. Al-Qaradawi

Fatwa: Tears of Repentance…

Fatwa: Repenting Grave Sins

Fatwa: I Have Repented But Still Fear Allah’s Punishment

Fatwa: Abortion Fills Me with Remorse: How to Repent?


Hadiths and Sunnah

Salavation in Islam

Dua (Supplications)

Concept of Repentance - Islam Online

Sheikh Ahmad Kutty: The Door of Repentance Is Wide Open - Islam Online

Sheikh Muhammad Saleh Al-Munajjid: Sincere Repentance - Islam Online

Stay on Track - Islam Online

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