Salah/Salat/Namaz/Prayer according to Islam

The Muslim Prayer (Salah) explained

The Prayer according to Hanafi's

E-Book: The Abridgement of the Prophet's Prayer Described [PDF]

The Prayer of the Prophet Described - Shaikh 'Abdul-'Azîz bin Bâz [PDF]

Muslim prayer in the Bible

The Yoga of Islamic Prayer

The Benifits of Salah - Dr. Zakir Naik

Prayer, the Most Powerful Healer

Merits of Prostration in Prayer

The Salah (Obligatory Prayer of the Muslim) - According to Quran and Sunnah

Sunnah (Optional) Prayers

The virtues & greatness of Friday Prayer


Nafl/Nafil/Voluntary Prayers

Qasr (Travellers) Prayer


The Five Daily Prayers: Any Mention in the Qur’an?

Times of the Five Daily Prayers

Not Performing Salah: Laziness or Abandonment?

Salah: Virtue & Significance

Differences between Men and Women in Prayer

Shortening and Combining Prayers while Traveling

Detested Times for Performing Salah

Salah: Any Physical Benefit

Offering Salah in English

Concession Concerning Praying `Isha in the West

Offering Salat Al-Gha’ib and Qunut for Disaster Victims

Prayer (Salah): Why Silent and Loud Recitation?

Height and width of the sutrah while performing Salah

Combining Salah for a Need

Woman Acting as Imam in Prayer

A Woman Leading Other Women in Prayer

Qunoot during salaah

Making up prayers at times when prayer is disallowed

What is `Awrah during Prayer?

Praying in half-sleeves and bare-headed

Praying behind a Man Who Commits Grave Sins

Supplication during Friday Sermon: Essential?


The Islam Awareness Blog - Salah Section

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Salat: daily prayers - BBC


Wudu/Wuzu (Ablution)

Dua (Supplications)

Ghusl (Bathing)

Ramadan Eid (Eid-ul-Fitr) and Bakri Eid(Eid-ul-Adhaa)

Ramadhan (Ramzan): Ninth month in Islamic Calendar

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