Triple Talaq Controversy

The case of Triple Talaq: Going Against the Spirit of Islam - Syeda Saiyidain Hameed

Divorced from Reality: Amending the Triple Talaq Law - Sakina Yusuf Khan

Video: Triple Talaq Controversy Explaned - Shaykh Dr. Yasir Qadhi


Ruling on Triple Divorce

Saying Talaq 3 times in Anger

30/07/2019 India criminalises Muslim practice of instant divorce - Al Jazeera
17/07/2018 Fatwa issued against woman who defied Muslim clerics over 'triple talaq' instant divorce - Independent, UK
22/08/2017 Faizan Mustafa on India's triple talaq ruling - Al Jazeera
22/08/2017 India rules Islamic practice of instant divorce 'unconstitutional' in major victory for women's rights - Independent, UK
22/08/2017 What is 'triple talaq' or instant divorce? - Al Jazeera
20/10/2016 'Talaq' and the battle to ban the three words that grant India's Muslim men instant divorce - The Guardian
01/07/2016 India: Muslim women fight to overturn triple talaq - Al Jazeera
10/08/2015 India's Muslim women fight to end triple talaq law that yields instant divorce - The Guardian
02/05/2005 India Muslim divorce code set out - BBC
25/07/2004 'Instant triple talaq practised only in India'
06/07/2004 Debate on Muslim divorce law simmers in India

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