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An Open Letter from Muslim scholars to the ISIS/ISIL Caliph [PDF]

Conclusive scholarly opinions on ISIS


Tariq Ramadan: 'ISIL's acts are un-Islamic'

Mehdi Hasan: How Islamic is Islamic State?


Discussing ISIL's Takfir Doctrine

The Atheist/ISIL Connection


28/09/2014 In the Fight Against ISIS, Islam Is Part of the Solution - The Daily Beast

07/09/2014 Saudi Mufti Urges Muslims to Fight ISIL - OnIslam

05/09/2014 ISIS Is Not Just Un-Islamic, It Is Anti-Islamic - Time

03/09/2014 Muslim Scholars Deplore ISIL Crimes - OnIslam

03/09/2014 US Muslims Condemn “Anti-Islamic” ISIL - OnIslam

31/08/2014 Isis terror threat: Leading British Muslims issue fatwa condemning terror group - The Independent, UK

26/08/2014 Dutch Imams Fight IS Online Activism - OnIslam

25/08/2014 Egypt Fatwa House Starts Anti-ISIL Campaign - OnIslam

25/08/2014 Metro Detroit Muslim leaders denounce ISIS as 'crazy criminals' - Detroit Free Press

23/08/2014 Muslim Leaders Worldwide Condemn ISIS - Washington Blog

20/08/2014 ISIS Execution of American Journalist Underscores Need to Combat Extremism - MPAC

13/08/2014 Al-Azhar condemns ISIS as corrupt and a danger to Islam - Daily Star, Lebanon

11/08/2014 Arab League denounces ISIS attacks as "crimes against humanity" - Al Arabiya

02/08/2014 Indonesian Muslim Leaders Condemn ISIS: 'The Public Have to be Critical' - Breitbart

25/07/2014 World's top Muslim leaders condemn attacks on Iraqi Christians - Vatican Radio

23/07/2014 Islamic scholars condemn expulsion of Iraq's 'Christian brothers' - Reuters

12/07/2014 Muslim Leaders across the UK warn against "cowboy" ISIS - Euro Asia News

11/07/2014 Isis concern: British Muslim leaders condemn extremist group - The Independent, UK

07/07/2014 Muslim leaders reject Baghdadi's caliphate - Al Jazeera

16/06/2014 Muslims Against Terror Strongly Condemns The Killings And Attacks By Takfiri Muslims (ISIL) Terrorists In Iraq

10/06/2015 How Isis crippled al-Qaida
09/04/2015 S. Africa's Friday Sermons to Fight ISIL
21/03/2015 From Minneapolis to ISIS: An American’s Path to Jihad
20/03/2015 Isis destroys historic Christian and Muslim shrines in northern Iraq
15/03/2015 Life under Isis: The everyday reality of living in the Islamic 'Caliphate' with its 7th Century laws, very modern methods and merciless violence
16/11/2014 Not Muslim enough for ISIL: Apparent killing of Peter Kassig and 12 Syrians is further proof that for ISIL it is their way or no way at all.
12/10/2014 Isis’s teenage Austrian poster girl jihadi brides 'have changed their minds and want to come home'
08/10/2014 10 Ways ISIS Is Violating The Laws Of Islam
05/10/2014 Saudis blame the clergy for Isis
04/10/2014 British Muslims unite in fury at Isis murder of Alan Henning
07/09/2014 IS group 'kills second Lebanese captive'
07/09/2014 Denmark introduces rehab for Syrian fighters
21/08/2014 What the Jihadists Who Bought 'Islam For Dummies' on Amazon Tell Us About Radicalisation
03/02/2014 Al-Qaeda cuts links with Syrian group too extreme even for them


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