Death Toll at WTC Drops Below 3,000

Death Toll at WTC Drops Below 3,000

By Associated Press

December 20, 2001, 4:18 AM EST

NEW YORK -- The city's official tally of people missing or killed in 


World Trade Center attacks has fallen below 3,000 for the first time.

The new count, which includes people on the ground and those aboard the

two hijacked planes that hit the twin towers on Sept. 11, is 2,992. It 


been as high as 6,700 in September. It was 3,000 on Tuesday.

City officials have said there are several reasons for the steadily

declining number, including: names listed more than once on 


reports, overestimates from some foreign consulates and families that

filed early missing reports but neglected to notify police when loved 


turned up safe.

As of Wednesday, the city medical examiner's office had issued 550 


certificates based on identifications made from remains. Another 1,958

death certificates had been issued without a body at the request of

victims' families so they can claim insurance benefits, access bank

accounts and process wills. The rest are considered missing.


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