Islam and Muslims in Eritrea

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Capital: Asmara
Population: 5.9 million (July 2017 est.)
Muslims Percent: 49% (approx. 2.9 million)

A Historical Overview of Islam in Eritrea - Jonathan Miran [PDF]

Milestones in the History of Islam in Eritrea - Ismael Mukhtar [PDF]

Forging Plowshares in Eritrea - Aramco World

18/11/2017 Eritrean diaspora stages protest in the Swedish capital - Al Jazeera
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21/05/2009 Eriteria: A giant prison
16/04/2009 Eritrea becoming 'a giant prison' - BBC
13/12/2007 Small but pugnacious: Eritrea might be tiny, but it is currently squaring up to much larger neighbour Ethiopia - and more or less everyone else - The Guardian
01/11/2006 Annan warns of another war between Ethiopia and Eritrea - The Guardian
17/09/2004 Religious persecution in Eritrea - BBC


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