Islam and Muslims in Ethiopia

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Capital: Addis Ababa
Population: 105 million
Muslims Percent: 33.9% (approx. 35.6 million)

A leap of faith

An historical-anthropological approach to Islam in Ethiopia: issues of identity and politics - JON ABBINK [PDF]

The rise and expansion of Islam in Bale of Ethiopia - TESHOME AMENU [PDF]

16/06/2017 Lost Ancient Muslim City of Harlaa Discovered in Ethiopia Could Reveal Details of Islam’s History in Africa - Yahoo News
16/06/2017 Archaeologists in Ethiopia uncover ancient city in Harlaa - BBC
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14/08/2013 'Salat Man' is symbol of resistance for Muslims in Ethiopia - Al Jazeera
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01/06/2012 Ethiopia Criticized Over Policy on Muslims - OnIslam
24/05/2012 Ethiopia Muslims Tortured Over Ahbashism - OnIslam
21/05/2012 Ethiopia Muslims Eye Vote to Replace Ahbash - OnIslam
11/05/2012 Ethiopia Muslims Reject Gov’t Interference - OnIslam
29/04/2012 Muslims Dead in Ethiopia Ahbashism Protests - OnIslam
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15/04/2008 Unrest simmers in Ethiopia's Ogaden - Al Jazeera
24/03/2008 The Ogaden: a forgotten war draining a forgotten people - The Guardian
17/10/2007 Ethiopia's 'own Darfur' as villagers flee
18/06/2007 In Ethiopia, Fear and Cries of Army Brutality - NY Times
06/04/2007 Ethiopia 'holding al-Qa'ida suspects for US'
28/03/2007 Lost Ethiopian Islamic Kingdom of Shoa Unearthed - Islam Online
15/10/2006 Religious clash in Ethiopian town of Jimma - BBC


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