Islam and Muslims in Mali

Mali Flag

Capital: Bamako
Population: 17.9 million (July 2017 est.)
Muslims Percent: 95% (approx 17 million)

A Short History of the Mali Empire (1235 – 1600 AD) [PDF]

The wealth of Africa: The kingdom of Mali - The British Museum [PDF]

Mansa Musa, King of Mali

The Influence of Islam on West Africa [PDF]

Trade, Technology, and Culture: The Mali Empire in West Africa

The Tomes of Timbuktu

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18/01/2018 Islamists banned their music. Now Timbuktu is singing again - The Guardian
07/02/2017 Timbuktu’s Ancient Manuscripts Are Being Saved but Not Translated - PassBlue
27/09/2016 ICC finds jihadist guilty of war crime over desecration of Timbuktu shrines - Independent, UK
21/01/2016 The race to save ancient Islamic manuscripts from terrorists who want them destroyed - Washington Post
27/03/2015 Timbuktu's Djinguereber mosque: a history of cities in 50 buildings, day 5 - The Guardian
30/08/2015 Timbuktu: Was Islam taken hostage? - AL Jazeera
01/08/2015 Mali 'Religious Sign' Draws Crowds - OnIslam
25/12/2014 Women of Timbuktu find their voice again after nightmare of jihadi rule - The Guardian
19/05/2014 Mali 'at war' with Tuareg rebels - Al Jazeera
29/04/2014 Ahmad Baba al Massufi (1556 – 1627): A Great Scholar of Timbuktu - OnIslam
30/01/2014 Interactive: The fight for a Tuareg homeland - Al Jazeera
20/09/2013 Timbuktu's ancient manuscripts to get a new digital existence - The Guardian
21/05/2013 Mali: Timbuktu's literary gems face Islamists and decay in fight for survival - The Guardian
03/04/2013 Mali's Tuareg people retain dream of independence amid persecution - The Guardian
31/03/2013 Suicide bomber attacks Mali's Timbuktu - Al Jazeera
23/02/2013 Heavy casualties in northern Mali fighting - Al Jazeera
05/02/2013 Mali Forces Execute Devout Muslim Students - OnIslam
04/02/2013 Enforcer for Islamist rule in Timbuktu captured by Malian Tuareg rebels after French air strikes pound insurgent camps - Independent, UK
02/02/2013 Inside Gao where Arab jihadis took bloody sharia retribution on Mali's black Africans - The Guardian
28/01/2013 Timbuktu mayor: Mali rebels torched library of historic manuscripts - The Guardian
25/01/2013 Tuareg refugees: Caught in the crossfire of Mali’s war - Independent, UK
19/01/2013 Mali refugees recount 'horrific abuses' - Al Jazeera
25/12/2012 The men who would save Mali's manuscripts - The Christian Science Monitor
23/12/2012 Mali fighters destroy more Timbuktu tombs - Al Jazeera
05/12/2012 Mali rebels agree to respect 'national unity' - Al Jazeera
23/10/2012 Mali: no rhythm or reason as militants declare war on music - The Guardian
29/09/2012 Mali's rebels impose hardline Islamic law - Al Jazeera
22/08/2012 Hostages in northern Mali plead for help - Al Jazeera
17/08/2012 Can musical Mali play on? - Independent, UK
02/07/2012 Timbuktu’s Destruction: Why Islamists Are Wrecking Mali’s Cultural Heritage - Time Magazine
02/07/2012 Destruction of Mali Mosque Outrages World - OnIslam
19/05/2012 Mali Rebels Split Over Shari`ah - OnIslam
04/04/2012 Timbuktu’s Islamic Treasures in Danger - OnIslam
27/08/2009 Muslim Protests Block Mali Family Code - OnIslam
10/11/2008 Timbuktu Manuscripts on show
05/02/2008 In Timbuktu, a new move to save ancient manuscripts - Christian Science Monitor
07/08/2007 Timbuktu Hopes Ancient Texts Spark a Revival - New York Times
02/07/2007 In fabled city at the end of the earth, a treasury of ancient manuscripts - The Guardian
30/04/2007 From Here to Timbuktu - OnIslam
07/12/2006 Madrassahs Bloom in Mali - Islam Online
18/10/2006 'Mythical' Timbuktu seeks civic status with UK twin
08/03/2006 Obituary - Ali Farka Touré
03/10/2005 Saving Mali's written treasures - BBC
15/12/2004 Democracy, Islam share a home in Mali
30/05/2004 Timbuktu's Wisdom Is Turning to Dust - Washington Post
24/04/2005 Sunjata: A Muslim Hero in 13th Century Africa - IOL
13/04/2004 Ancient Islamic Texts crumble in Africa
09/09/2003 Floods damage ancient Timbuktu - BBC
03/06/2003 Poor people's summit held in Mali - BBC
15/04/2002 Timbuktu - city of legends
12/04/2001 Mali's children in chocolate slavery
29/09/2000 Mali's children in slavery


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