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25/11/2017 Documentary on Junaid Jamshed’s life set for release on Dec 1 - The Nation, Pakistan
15/11/2017 Masters of ancient Indian music to bring songs of spiritual devotion to Minn. - Minnesota Public Radio
02/11/2017 Essaouira: Morocco’s little idyll of Jewish-Muslim coexistence - The Economist
18/10/2017 Islamic music with a carnatic touch - Indian Express
18/08/2017 Uncovering Somalia's forgotten music of the 1970s - Al Jazeera
20/03/2017 Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi: How a 13th Century Islamic Poet Conquered America - IslamiCity
19/09/2016 I'm a black female Jamaican hip hop rapper - and I converted to Islam - Independent, UK
13/08/2016 Muslim musicians say school ban out of tune with Islam - The Australian
20/11/2015 Muslim Rap Duo Deen Squad Crushes Facebook With 'Not A Terrorist' Video
10/11/2015 Traditional music in northern Nigeria - Music In Africa
21/04/2015 Crafting beautiful music in Palestine - Al Jazeera
04/04/2015 How A Musical Tradition Of Islamic Mysticism Found An Unlikely Home In Texas - Huffington Post
02/04/2014 Somalis yearn for a musical renaissance - Al Jazeera
25/03/2014 Discovering music in a 16th century Delhi shrine - Toronto Sun
05/03/2015 Hip-Hop Hijabis - Al Jazeera
16/03/2014 Yuvan Shankar Raja: Indian Music Composer Embraces Islam
04/03/2014 Berber Singers Test Limits of Post-Revolution Arab States
03/12/2013 Turkey's rock 'n' roll imam spurs controversy - Al Jazeera
14/10/2013 Tamikrest: 'This music was founded on a very precise cause – the Tuareg's' - The Guardian
10/09/2013 Muslim Rapper Offers Virtuous Alternative to Mainstream Music - VOA
21/09/2012 Dr Musharraf Hussain: Islam & Music
29/11/2011 Egypt: Pop goes Islam - The controversy surrounding an Islamic styled music channel for Muslim youth - Al Jazeera
06/10/2011 Having faith in music - The Sun Daily, Malaysia
28/08/2011 Turkish doctors call the tune with traditional musical cures - The Guardian
13/08/2011 Iraqi youth find new medium of expression - Al Jazeera on YouTube
12/08/2011 US Islamic hip-hop act on 'diplomatic mission' in Indonesia - BBC
05/08/2011 Jazz album by Pakistan music veterans storms western charts - The Guardian
26/06/2011 US rapper says Dubai call to prayer led to his conversion to Islam
29/09/2010 Hip Hop Group Native Deen Confronts Rise of Islamophobia in Music Video
05/08/2010 Musician Khyam Allami on how the 'ud changed his life - The Guardian
02/08/2010 Music fails to chime with Islamic values, says Iran's supreme leader - The Guardian
02/07/2010 UK: Muslim parents, have a little faith in music
14/06/2010 Reviving Afghan music - Al Jazeera
23/05/2010 Salman Ahmad: Rock against extremism - The 'Muslim Bono', is in the UK with a striking message: make music, not war
20/05/2010 Staying cool — and Islamic — on 'Boiling Point' - Los Angeles Times
26/01/2010 Somalia Women on Music Censorship - Islam Online
11/05/2009 Converting Islamic ideals to a hip-hop flow - San Francisco Chronicle
07/03/2009 Rapping for Allah - the new channel for the Muslim MTV generation - The Guardian
27/02/2009 Baaba Maal: 'Say what you believe is true' - Independent, UK
25/11/2008 Iraq's Death Heavy Metal - IslamOnline
04/11/2008 Sami Yusuf Entertains South Africa - Islam Online
11/05/2008 Iraqi artists and singers flee amid crackdown on forbidden culture
08/12/2007 A sonic treasure out of Africa: Cultural give and take enriches N'Dour's music - The Boston Globe
06/12/2007 Young Muslims tuning in upbeat voices - The Boston Globe
13/11/2007 Muslim Singer With a Country Twang - NY Times
26/09/2007 Conducting a comeback: Baghdad's music makers play on - Independent, UK
22/08/2007 Muslims Sing for Darfur
09/08/2007 Kebab shop worker's rap is the hottest single in France - Independent, Ireland
30/07/2007 Pakistani pop stars promote anti-terror hit - The Guardian
15/05/2007 Musician shares Muslim culture Workshops, shows aim to promote peace
28/04/2007 Islamic street preachers - The Guardian
04/04/2007 Backstory: A country-western Muslim - The Christian Science Monitor
05/03/2007 Singing to Save Lebanon
10/01/2007 Muslim Rapper "Walks" To The Top Of The Charts
13/12/2006 Muslim-American Rappers Promote Tolerance in Middle East
01/12/2006 Senegal's good practice: How music is key to turning tide in war on Aids
25/11/2006 Youssou N'Dour - 7 hours away
24/11/2006 Muslim Rap Group Uses Islam to Send Positive Messages
18/11/2006 Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens) allowed into US
16/11/2006 CD Review - Yusuf Islam: An Other Cup
11/11/2006 Leap of faith
28/10/2006 Muslim Rappers Say Imitation Biggest Problem for Muslims
21/08/2006 Ustad Bismillah Khan dead
17/05/2006 Yusuf Islam returns to recording
24/04/2006 YVONNE RIDLEY: Pop Culture in the Name of Islam
05/03/2006 Heart-felt Lyrics to Heal an Ailing Nation
16/12/2005 Jazz meets Islam - NY Press
12/11/2005 Melodic Islamic Songs Fill Air in London - Islam Online
28/10/2005 From a Senegalese Superstar, an International Hybrid of Music Inspired by Islam
13/06/2005 Guantanamo guards tortured prisoner with music
29/03/2005 'Music is part of God's universe'
02/07/2004 Youssou N'Dour, 'Egypt' and Islam
18/06/2004 Youssou N'Dour: The goodwill ambassador
14/02/2004 Muslim priest bans music in marriages - Rediff, India
10/11/2003 Singer N'dour records Islam album
19/05/2002 Jazz in the Desert


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