Islam and Muslims in Rwanda

Rwanda Flag

Capital: Kigali
Population: 12 Million
Muslims Percent: 15% (1.8 million)

Case Study: Muslim Community Actions During the Rwandan Genocide - Kristin Doughty and David Moussa Ntambara[PDF]

The Significant Role of Islam in the Civil War Between Tutsis and Hutus - Mvslim

13/12/2017 Rwanda report: France 'complicit' in 1994 genocide - Al Jazeera
20/11/2016 Catholic bishops apologise for role in Rwanda genocide - Al Jazeera
30/05/2016 Muslims elect new Mufti - The New Times, Rwanda
26/09/2004 Rwanda tries to stop killings in Darfur - Independent, UK
08/04/2004 Rwandans rejecting Catholicism for Islam - The Age, Australia
07/04/2004 Since '94 Horror, Rwandans Turn Toward Islam - New York Times
01/04/2004 Rwanda's religious reflections - BBC, UK
21/03/2004 Priest, 100 Followers Embrace Islam In Rwanda: WAMY - Islam Online
10/11/2003 Converts swell Muslim ranks - News 24, South Africa
11/09/2003 More Rwandans Embrace Islam After Genocide - Islam Online
23/08/2003 Haunted By Genocide, Rwandans To Elect President - Islam Online
02/08/2003 Rwanda's Genocide Orchestrators Punished - Islam Online
06/01/2003 Anger At Plan to Release Genocide Suspects in Rwanda - Islam Online
24/09/2002 Conversions to Islam in Genocide-Stricken Rwanda Increasing: Report - Islam Online


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