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06/01/2018 Islam is the world’s fastest growing religion - British Muslim Magazine
06/04/2017 Why Muslims are the world’s fastest-growing religious group - Pew Research Center
16/03/2017 Islam: The world's fastest growing religion - BBC
13/11/2015 Kiwi converts among New Zealand's Muslim community - Stuff
08/06/2015 More Norwegians convert to Islam - News in English, Norway
02/04/2015 Muslim population in Europe to reach 10% by 2050, new forecast shows - The Guardian
07/07/2012 Survey: Islam is SD's fastest growing religion - The San Diego Union-Tribune
09/09/2007 More Americans converting to Islam
28/11/2005 In Philippines, watchful eye on converts - The Christian Science Monitor
14/11/2004 Muslims say faith growing fast in Africa
13/04/2004 South Korea: Islam is this country's fastest growing religion
03/06/2003 Canadian Muslims: Not Canada’s Fastest Growing Community - Media Monitors
20/06/2002 Making do without the mainstream - The Guardian
08/04/2002 Muslims in Western Europe: Dim drums throbbing in the hills half heard - The Economist


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