Beef Ban and Lynching of Indian Muslims

The Unpalatable Truth About Beef And Hinduism

22/07/2018 India: Village mourns death of man killed in cow-related lynching - Al Jazeera
05/10/2017 The lynching that changed India - Al Jazeera
31/07/2017 Indian veterans decry targeting of minorities - Al Jazeera
19/07/2017 Mob lynchings aren't about cows, but the erasure of India's Muslim identity
08/07/2017 Inside the mind of the Indian Muslim - The Indian Express
06/07/2017 What is behind India's epidemic of 'mob lynching'? - Al Jazeera
28/06/2017 Not In My Name: Indians protest attacks on Muslims - Al Jazeera
25/06/2017 The Lynching of a Nation - The Wire, India
04/06/2017 Why does Kerala beef get North India's goat? - Economic Times, India
22/04/2017 5 Including 9-Year-Old Girl Attacked By Cow Vigilantes In Jammu And Kashmir - NDTV
05/04/2017 Mob kills Muslim man transporting cows in Alwar in the western state of Rajasthan, India - Al Jazeera
02/04/2017 BJP Candidate In Kerala Promises Good Beef If Voted To Power - NDTV
12/09/2016 Muslim women raped by Hindu gang 'for eating beef' [Cached]
11/08/2016 Muslim organisations demand complete ban on beef exports from India - Times of India
10/04/2016 'We should kill them': Hindu extremists leave no room for beef eaters
21/11/2015 95% Of All Beef Traders Are Hindus Then Why Kill Muslims Over It, Asks Former Delhi High Court Chief Justice - India Times
04/10/2015 A beef-eating Hindu demands his rights - Times of India
06/03/2015 Muslim law board to discuss scrapping of quota, beef ban - The Indian Express
05/03/2015 Muslims, Christians Deplore India Beef Ban - OnIslam
19/08/2003 Storm over move to ban cow killings - Asia Times, Hong Kong
22/10/2002 Murder of 'cow killers' in India prompts much soul searching - The Guardian


The Myth of the Holy Cow - Dwijendra Narayan Jha [PDF] [cached]



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