Love Jihad (Romeo Jihad)

03/11/2018 ‘Kedarnath’ movie promoting ‘love jihad’, says BJP leader, demands ban - Times of India

30/06/2018 Love jihad and Twitter hate: a dangerous new India has arrived. Just ask Foreign Minister @SushmaSwaraj - South China Morning Post

22/06/2018 Official 'humiliates' Indian interfaith couple at a passport office in Lucknow, sparking outrage - Al Jazeera

06/06/2018 An Iftar to heal religious divide in India - Al Jazeera

08/03/2018 India Supreme Court restores 'love jihad' marriage - BBC

11/02/2018 'I feel no hatred': the radical response to an 'honour' killing that shook India - The Guardian

24/08/2017 The Hadiya case and the myth of 'Love Jihad' in India - Al Jazeera

02/04/2017 Fears in India over spread of 'Taliban-like' moral policing amid crackdown on meat and romance - The Telegraph, UK

10/10/2014 'Love jihad': Hindu right-wing groups run campaign against what they say is Muslim conspiracy to convert Hindu girls into Islam - Al Jazeera


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