Islam and Muslims in Indonesia

Indonesia Flag

Capital: Jakarta
Population: 260 million (July 2017 est.)
Muslims Percent: 87% (approx 226 million)

The Process of Islamization and its Impact on Indonesia - Dong Sull Choi [PDF]

The Early of Islam in Indonesia - Erwin Hafid [PDF]

Currents in Contemporary Islam in Indonesia - James J. Fox [PDF]

Constructing an Indonesian Architecture Documentation - Nadia Purwestri & Febriyanti Suryaningsih [PDF]

The influence of 19th century Dutch Colonial Orientalism in spreading Kubah (Islamic Dome) [PDF]

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25/08/2017 The First Female Commander in the Modern World Was Muslim – Meet Aceh Malahayati
10/01/2008 Where “soft Islam” is on the march - The Economist
30/05/2006 Huge earthquake hits Java, more than 5,000 killed
22/05/2006 Huge crowd turns out to back strict anti-porn law - The Guardian
28/04/2006 Milestone for gay rights as Indonesia gets first pink guidebook - The Guardian
31/01/2006 After Tsunami, Acehnese Celebrate First Harvest - Islam Online
30/01/2006 Jakarta struggles with the politics of pornography as Playboy comes to town - The Guardian
29/12/2005 Indonesian army completes withdrawal from Aceh as part of deal to end 29-year conflict - The Guardian
24/12/2005 'It was God's will': Tsunami survivors refuse to look back in anger - Independent, UK
20/11/2005 Indonesian Scholars Fight Extremist Ideologies - Islam Online
29/10/2005 Divers unveil exquisite Islamic treasures pulled from depths of Java Sea - The Daily Star, Lebanon
15/09/2005 Aceh Militants Hand Over First Weapons - New York Times
17/08/2005 Aceh Celebrates Indonesia's Independence Day - Islam Online
09/08/2005 Islamic law (Sharia) aids tsunami widows - The Christian Science Monitor
04/07/2005 Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono Lambasts Extramarital Relations - Islam Online
25/06/2005 Army harassment compounds the misery of tsunami victims in Aceh - Independent, UK
21/06/2005 Thousands of child maids are condemned to slavery in Indonesia, rights report finds - The Guardian
30/05/2005 Legalizing Gambling in Jakarta…Money vs. Values - Islam Online
25/05/2005 Miss Indonesia defies Muslim critics by announcing to compete once again at Miss Universe pageant after long absence
12/05/2005 Day of Arrival in Banda Aceh - IslamiCity
21/02/2005 Indonesia: The shadow of extremism - BBC
19/02/2005 Earthquake in Sulawesi causes panic in Indonesia - The Guardian
12/01/2005 Indonesia issues ultimatum to foreign troops assisting the tsunami relief in Aceh province - The Guardian
30/12/2004 Sharp increase in Indonesian toll to 79,940 people dead from Sunday's earthquake and sea surges - BBC
10/12/2004 Don't call us moderates - The Guardian
03/09/2003 Once Mild, Islam Looks Harsher In Indonesia - New York Times
30/08/2003 Teaching an unusual form of Islam - The Age, Australia
15/08/2003 Islam, Indonesian style - Asia Times
27/10/2002 Bali bombing: Who are the terrorists in Indonesia? - The Guardian
15/10/2002 Al-Qaradawi: Bali Blasts Heinous Crime, Total Barbarism - Islam Online
10/10/2002 Indonesia comes onside in US anti-terror drive - The Guardian
09/10/2002 Indonesia: Defending Islam against itself


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