Buddhism and Islam - Zvi Aziz Ben-Dor

Islam and Buddhism - Johan Elverskog

Buddhism and War: A Look at History - World Future Fund

Monks with guns - Aeon

Warrior Monks: The Untold Story of Buddhist Violence - Loonwatch

The Long and Strange History of Buddhist Violence

Zen at War - Kyoto Journal

Buddhism and violence - Wikipedia

"Ashoka the Great" was India's first Religiously Fanatic Jehadi

23/09/2017 Two Buddhists fined £15,000 for releasing crustaceans into sea - The Guardian
08/09/2016 Muslim Minorities in Peril: The Rise of Buddhist Violence in Asia
29/06/2016 Buddhist-Muslim Violence in South and South-East Asia: The Local Becomes Regional, or a Clash of Civilizations?
25/06/2016 Buddhist monks serve iftar for Muslims in Bangladesh - Al Jazeera
19/01/2016 Thai Buddhist leaders battle over politics, sex and money scandals
23/08/2015 The Rise of Militant Monks
13/07/2015 Is Buddhist Militancy the Next Wave of Global Terrorism?
30/05/2015 The darker side of Buddhism - BBC
02/05/2013 Why are Buddhist monks attacking Muslims? - BBC
02/04/2013 Buddhism turns violent in Myanmar - Asia Times
14/04/2009 Are Buddhists Violent?
10/01/2008 Buddhism forced to turn trendy to attract a new generation in Japan - The Guardian
22/10/2006 Thai Films Bridge Muslim-Buddhist Gap
12/10/2006 India's Untouchables turn to Buddhism in protest at discrimination by Hindus


Gautam Buddha and Buddhism - Dr. Zakir Naik

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) in Buddhist Scriptures
         The Buddhist Prophecy
         Maitreya Identified
         Esoteric and Exoteric Doctrine and the Buddhas
         Six Criteria
         The Personal Beauty of Maitreya
         The Voice of Maitreya

Was Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) a Buddha?
         A Buddha is a human being
         Buddhas are males
         A Buddha is a gifted being
         The Plan of Salvation
         Buddhas are only Preachers
         Buddhas are Ideal Preachers
         Preacher's companions in Lonliness
         The True Followers of Buddhas
         Only One Buddha in the world at a time
         Buddhas are Teacherless
         A Bo-tree for every Buddha
         The meeting under the Bo-Tree
         The Victory under the Bo-tree
         The celestial Bo-tree
         Buddhas and Signs
         The True Miracle
         The Neck-Bone of Buddhas

Muhammad(pbuh)In Buddhist Scriptures - U. Ali

Muhammad(pbuh) in Buddhist Scriptures

Mention of Prophet Muhammad(pbuh) in Scriptures of Buddhism


Buddhism and the Bible

Decline and Fall of Buddhism (A tragedy in Ancient India)


Islam in Maynmar (Burma) and Rohingya Muslims

Islam and Muslims in Sri Lanka

Islam and Muslims in Thailand

Islam and Muslims in Cambodia

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