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Capital: Colombo
Population: 22.5 Million
Muslims Percent: 9.7% (approx 2.2 Million)

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26/08/2019 Sri Lanka urged to tackle 'hate propaganda' against Muslims - Al Jazeera
11/08/2019 After the Easter massacre, Sri Lanka nun heals religious tension - Al Jazeera
22/06/2019 Fear in Sri Lanka as monk calls for stoning of Muslims - Al Jazeera
16/06/2019 Muslims 'targeted with arbitrary arrests' after Easter massacre - Al Jazeera
03/06/2019 Sri Lanka Muslim ministers quit to protest 'threat to community' - Al Jazeera
21/05/2019 In Sri Lanka, Muslims say Sinhala neighbours turned against them - Al Jazeera
15/05/2019 Sri Lanka: Hardline Buddhists 'likely behind attacks on Muslims' - Al Jazeera
14/05/2019 Sri Lanka orders nationwide curfew amid anti-Muslim riots - Al Jazeera
06/05/2019 Curfew imposed after religious tension rises in Negombo - Al Jazeera
29/04/2019 Sri Lanka attacks: Face coverings banned after Easter bloodshed - BBC
27/04/2019 Sri Lanka: 15 dead in gun battle with bombing suspects - Al Jazeera
25/04/2019 Sri Lanka revises bombings death toll down by 100 - Al Jazeera
24/04/2019 Sri Lanka attacks: Fear of retaliation against Muslims grows as MP calls for burqa ban - Independent, UK
22/04/2019 National Thowheeth Jama’ath blamed but attacks of this scale require huge organisation - The Guardian
22/04/2019 Sri Lanka bombings: 290 dead, hundreds injured in church, hotel explosions on Easter Sunday - ABC News
06/05/2018 In Sri Lanka, Facebook’s dominance has cost lives - The Guardian
18/03/2018 Sri Lanka lifts nationwide state of emergency
14/03/2018 Did Sri Lanka's Facebook ban help quell anti-Muslim violence? - Al Jazeera
13/03/2018 In Sri Lanka, hate speech and impunity fuel anti-Muslim violence - Al Jazeera
09/03/2018 Sri Lanka Buddhist monks denounce anti-Muslim riots - AL Jazeera
06/03/2018 Sri Lanka: Police inaction as Muslim shops torched by Buddhists - Al Jazeera
24/11/2017 Fear grips Muslims in Sri Lanka's Ginthota after attack - Al Jazeera
28/09/2017 Mob attacks Rohingya refugees in Sri Lanka - Al Jazeera
17/06/2017 Sri Lanka’s firebrand monk invokes Muslim menace - Japan Times
29/05/2017 A New Form Of Anti-Muslim Terrorism In Sri Lanka: What Is To Be Done?
22/05/2017 Escalating Violence: Renewed assaults on the Muslim community
21/05/2017 Sri Lankan Muslim leaders unite to face upsurge of Buddhist extremism
10/10/2016 ‘Peaceful’ Buddhism’s violent face in Sri Lanka
15/06/2016 Sri Lanka: Muslims remember Buddhist hardliner attacks
30/05/2015 The darker side of Buddhism - BBC
17/08/2014 Sri Lanka riots: US condemns anti-Muslim violence after three died and almost 100 injured
03/08/2014 Sri Lanka minorities hit by economic hardship
21/06/2014 Is Muslim identity a liability in Sri Lanka?
16/06/2014 Sri Lanka shaken by religious violence
16/06/2014 Sri Lankan minister briefly trapped by ethnic clashes
04/05/2014 Sri Lankan leaders seek action to stop harassment against Muslims
21/08/2013 Furious Buddhists Are Making Life Hell for Sri Lanka's Muslims
11/08/2013 Sri Lanka Buddhists attack Colombo mosque
08/05/2013 Dalai Lama pleads with Buddhist monks to end deadly attacks on Muslims in Burma and Sri Lanka
02/05/2013 Why are Buddhist monks attacking Muslims? - BBC
29/03/2013 Buddhist Attack Frets Sri Lanka Muslims
29/03/2013 Sri Lankan Buddhists attack Muslim-owned store - BBC
22/03/2013 Hardline Buddhists Drive Sri Lanka to Drop Muslim Halal Labeling
15/02/2013 Sri Lanka Faiths Slam Anti-Muslim Hatred
31/01/2013 Sinhala Buddhists should not consume Halal foods: BBS will never support 13th amendment - Asian Tribune, Sri Lanka
12/10/2012 Buddhist Leaders Respond To Violence Against Muslims In Myanmar
26/06/2012 Sri Lanka’s Muslims Under Siege?
24/04/2012 Sri Lankan Mosque Will Be Moved After Protests
14/09/2011 Monks destroy Muslim shrine as police stand idle
23/01/2009 Sri Lanka: Genocide of the Tamil minority
08/01/2007 Muslims Bear Brunt of Sri Lanka Conflict
19/09/2006 Muslim workers hacked to death in coastal town
07/09/2006 Displaced Sri Lankan Muslims Go Home
01/09/2006 Britain is failing Sri Lanka's Muslims
05/08/2006 Thousands of Muslims flee fierce fighting in Sri Lanka
04/08/2006 Sri Lankan Muslims Fleeing Homes Over Fighting
05/12/2005 Ceasefire monitors warn of growing violence
17/11/2005 Attack on Sri Lanka Mosque Kills Four
14/02/2005 Tigers meet Muslim leaders in Batticaloa
20/04/2012 Anti-Muslim Fervor Closes Down Mosque
19/08/2003 Osama squads to fight the LTTE
18/08/2003 Island's Muslim minority looking toward militancy to counter Tamils' growing power
18/08/2003 Muslims killed in Sri Lanka
23/05/2001 The politics of Sinhala-Buddhist supremacy and majority rule - Tamil Guardian
07/05/2001 Religious violence spreads in Sri Lanka - BBC
07/05/2001 Sri Lanka Muslims issue ultimatum - BBC
04/05/2001 - Sri Lanka's Capital under Curfew
03/05/2001 Attacks shatter Mawanella Muslims - TamilNet
02/05/2001 - Voilence follows Sri Lanka Curfew - BBC


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