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Female Gential Mutilation (FGM)

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02/06/2014 Bacteria living in men’s penises could be promoting sexually-transmitted infections, scientists warn - Independent, UK
06/05/2014 Circumcision: A necessary cut or bodily harm? - Independent, UK
28/02/2014 Circumcision ruling upsets liberal Jews - Al Jazeera
17/04/2013 Why Circumcision Lowers Risk of HIV - Time
27/08/2012 Circumcision Benefits: Reasons For Practice Outweigh Risks, Say Doctors - Huffington Post
13/01/2010 Clean-Cut: Study Finds Circumcision Helps Prevent HIV and Other Infections - Scientific American
08/05/2008 Circumcision 'is the best weapon in fight against Aids' - Independent, UK
07/01/2008 Circumcision 'does not curb sex' - BBC
09/03/2007 To cut or not? Circumcision controversy flares - NBC News
13/12/2006 Circumcision Reduces Risk of AIDS, Study Finds - New York Times
08/08/2006 Male circumcision 'lowers risk of HIV infection by 60% - Independent, UK
03/08/2006 Male circumcision can reduce Africa HIV spread, study says - The Guardian
25/10/2005 Male circumcision reduces HIV risk by 60%, says study - The Guardian
27/07/2005 Circumcision May Reduce Risk of HIV Infection - Fox News
10/10/2003 Uncircumcised Indians beware! - Times of India
26/03/2000 Circumcision Hailed as a Way to Curb Aids - The Sunday Times, UK
31/01/2000 Study finds circumcision may protect men from HIV

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