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25/12/2017 FGM in Sri Lanka: It's never 'just a nick' - Al Jazeera
25/11/2015 Gambia bans female genital mutilation - Al Jazeera
25/07/2010 Female circumcision growing in Britain despite being illegal - The Guardian
27/02/2009 Genital mutilation: Women fight Africa's taboo - Independent, UK
10/10/2007 21,000 girls at risk of genital mutilation, say campaigners - The Guardian
30/06/2007 Egypt bans female circumcision after death of 12-year-old girl - The Guardian
23/05/2007 Health activists look to religion to make the case against female genital mutilation - Boston Herald
24/11/2006 Muslim scholars rule female circumcision un-Islamic - The Age, Australia
02/11/2006 Father jailed for US mutilation - BBC
16/07/2006 West is accused of double standards on female circumcision - Independent, UK
25/11/2005 Female circumcision 'affects 3m a year' - The Guardian
10/11/2003 Swedish Imam Says Islam Forbids Female Circumcision

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