100 Nigerians Revert to Islam During Ramadan

By Al-Khidr Abdul Baqi, IOL Correspondent


KANO, Nigeria, October 22, 2005 (IslamOnline.net) 
One hundred Nigerians in the northern state of Kano
have reverted to Islam since the start of the holy
fasting month of Ramadan.

The reverts, mostly animists and Christians, have
registered with the municipality of Baghwa and
attended Friday, October 21, an iftar (fast-breaking)
banquet, said head of the municipality Ali Ado Baghwa.

"It was thanks to the extensive da`wah activities
during Ramadan that those people had embraced Islam,"
Sheikh Mohammad Qaribullah, the leader of the Sufi
Al-Qadiriya sect in Nigeria and West Africa, told IOL.

He said Muslim organizations operating in Kano found
the dawn-to-dusk fasting month a golden opportunity to
spotlight the true essence of Islam and organize
sermons, which attract a curious non-Muslim audience.


Qaribullah paid tribute to the dozens of young
preachers, whose manners and way of talk had appealed
to many non-Muslims.

"Al-hamdu lillah we have registered tens of reversions
to Islam whether from non-Muslims in the [Kano] state
or others coming from outside."

Baghwa, for his part, advised the new reverts to have
a thorough knowledge about their religion and to keep
in close touch with veteran scholars in the country.

He promised that the local authorities would spare no
efforts in helping the reverts integrate into the
Muslim community.

The municipality chief appealed to Islamic
organizations to contribute to that end.

Nigeria has the largest Muslim population in
sub-Saharan Africa.

About half of Nigeria's population of 140 million are
Muslims while the other half are Christians or

Twelve predominantly Muslim northern states, out of
Nigeria 36 states, have reinstated Shari`ah, which was
abolished under British colonial rule. 


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